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Adding RAM to new Macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by rayvrwc, Feb 27, 2008.

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    I recently read that if I wanted to add RAM to a Macbook that I should NOT buy it from Apple, but from some other vender because Apple charges too much. If that's the case, is it easy for a consumer to add RAM to one of the new Macbooks? If not, then maybe I should spend the extra $$$ and have Apple install it.

    If I can add RAM, does it void the warranty?

    If I do nothing more then surf the Internet, load photos, burn DVDs with Handbrake, do I need more then 2 GB of RAM?
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    1. Its easy.

    2. No, it doesn't void the warranty.

    3. You probably don't need more.
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    Great - next question:

    I have a MacBook coming with 1 Gigs RAM.

    Can I get a 2 Gig chip so I can get 2.5 Gigs?

    Does having the different chips in the slots actually slow down graphics performance?
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    1. Yes you can.

    2. Yes it will. 5-8% overall. But the improvement from more RAM will outweigh the loss of dual-channel mode.
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    I'll comment on the need for more...

    RAM, 2GB should be enough for those applications to all be running at the same time and have 5-6 webpages open. Unless you are doing heavy media/graphics via InDesign, Final Cut Express 4, or Logic Express 8, you shouldn't have a huge problem. Also, list your specs for us if you could. Thanks :cool:
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    rayvrwc: You're fine

    For the usage you listed, you will be ABSOLUTELY FINE with the default config.

    later on, as OS X develops and craves more RAM, you can add it then, and for cheaper than now.

    For what you listed as usage, you really don't need more than 2GB
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    I was thinking of upgrading my RAM. As of now I just use my MB for web surfing, and when I occasionally decide to do homework :rolleyes: In the future I hope to be doing some Graphic Design on it, but that's a few months away. Anywho, I'n thinking upgrading to 2 is good, right?

    Also, what is the best RAM. I've read some of the brands on here but I don't remember. And do I have to order online or are there some major chain stores (Fry's, Best Buy, etc.) that sell RAM?
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    ask around, but you'd be better with 2GB balanced (about 50 bucks from crucial.com or macmall or others 2x 1GB modules) than you would unbalanced RAM of 2GB + 528

    Unbalanced RAM setups are not recommended.
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    RAM is RAM is RAM

    there are not massive performance differences amongst RAM Modules, especially for the Macbook.

    anything from crucial.com or newegg should be fine--wherever you get the best price.

    (PS: Don't listen to the benchmark geeks on this one: they'll spend $60 of your money for something you'll never ever notice)
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    2 gigs is good

    Your RAM looks good at 2 gigs... to me thats all you need ... but then again... you might
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qozs6KZoarA this is how its done (looks very easy, I have not done it myself so far though).

    I just ordered a Macbook Pro and bought 2GB ram of amazon (Kingston). I'd say go for an extra 2GB since ram is really very cheap right now.
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    Get OWC ram, its inexpensive and has a great reputation.
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    I'd love to see a link to these results... it sounds way too high.
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    Do they solder one of the dimms to the MOBO? Will ordering a blackbook with 2 x 1GB prevent me from ever installing 2x 2gb?
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    Yes, it is. However, you will need a jeweler's phillips head screw driver. You will also need to push the new chips firmly into place. They come out easier than the go in.
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    Barefeats did some test a while back but I can't find them now. The bottom line was that, overall, dual-channel added about 5% of a performance improvement. Video intensive things were about 8% since the MBs GPU used the system RAM. I confirmed the 5% on my iMacs using 2X1GB and 1X2GB and running Geekbench. Scores where about 5% lower on the 2GB single stick.


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    It's quite simple to add RAM to the MacBook.

    I upgraded my Santa Rosa (Late 2007) MacBook with 1GB (2x512MB) to 4GB (2X2GB).
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    Thanks, that's good news.

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