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Adobe Atmospere

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mischief, Jan 10, 2002.

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    Has any one seen Adobe Atmosphere? Very cool stuff. It may redefine MUDs. The only problem is: It doesn't exist for the Mac yet. How lame is that? Adobe produces one of the coolest Web development tools EVER and we don't get to play?!?:confused:
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    what is that??

    I have never heard of that... what does it do??
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    re:what does it do?

    Atmosphere allows the generation of MUD environments that are actual 3D "worlds" like in the Snowcrash or Idoru novels, but with each site as it's own "world" or multiple "worlds" per server. Each User presents an Avatar as a visual presence. Picture this Forum running the Unreal engine, and all of us standing around and wandering from room to room in an Escheresque building. Spikey looking something like a Gwar costume, Ketho' in a Toga, agreenster as a muppet, etc.
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    Hey as long as Im a muppet, I get to be THIS guy!

    or maybe HIM


    "Vergoofin der flicke stoobin mit der børk-børk yubetcha!"

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    in Atmosphere, you could be BOTH. The worlds allow a "library" of Avatars per user. You just couldn't be both at once.
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    sounds interesting. I will have to read more about that.
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    Looks pretty cool. It should be out for mac soon, its only in beta. Anyway heres the link if anyone wants to take a look:
    Adobe Atmosphere
    Macrumors could have a chat room with this! Everyone could wander around and chat in Apple HQ.
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    not quite

    Adobe doesn't even have the browser plugin for the Mac yet.:confused:
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    Don't worry, at MWNY steve will trash the adobe guys onstage until they start crying and agree to port every one of their products to the mac. ;)
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    I haven't looked that deep into it yet, but how does Adobe feel about iPhoto?
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    I dobut Adobe cares about iPhoto. iPhoto has nothing on Photoshop for pros. iPhoto seems like it would work well in conjunction with Photoshop, use photoshop to edit and iPhoto to make prints and organize. Who knows why Adobe hasn't ported photoshop before now.
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    only thing iPhoto can do is cut into Photoshop elements, but even still, that stripped version is much more pwerful than iPhoto. But for run of the mill shoot and scan, iPhoto is perfect. My only concern is that the didgital hub, while innovative for Apple, basically kills consumer innovation. "No need to frame a shot, I'll just crop it later!!" He shouts as he pulls his elph out of his pink fanny pack.
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    Adobe HAS announced Photoshop

    Adobe announced at MWSF that photoshop for X would be out soon. To counter some mis-conceptions on versiontracker: The upgrade costs are NOT the full cost.:cool:
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    that should go without saying...

    but we know there are always "those" who misconceive this...:rolleyes:
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    Re: Adobe HAS announced Photoshop

    I must have missed that part between lost packets and rebuffering the stream. At least I got to hear the important parts.

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