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Advice on FM Transmitter

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CadenZ15, Aug 30, 2008.

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    I would like to get an FM Transmitter for my iPod Touch. I would like to have one that is wireless, but could be attached to a cigarette lighter adapter to charge at the same time. I've been trying to find one, but they either are only wireless or only wired, or just too dang expensive.

    I would like to find one for around $50 if at all possible. Thanks for any help you might have. :apple:
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    i have a monster one, it works great highly recommend it
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    I bought a $85! Monster (I think that was the price) and took it back after it couldn't clearly transmit the 18" from the cigarette plug to the radio right above it! :mad:
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    Major; you're not transmitting 18 inches to the radio, you're transmitting to the antenna, wherever that might be outside your vehicle. Through sheet metal. Remember, these transmitters have extremely short range. Also, not only distance but orientation to the antenna will be a factor. I've got certain stations in my area that come in at greater or lesser distances, depending on which direction I'm traveling at the time. For my vehicle, pointed away from the station seems to get better reception than pointed towards. You might get improved results by moving the transmitter around, perhaps try closer to the windshield if possible.
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    My car was made this century and can get radio stations no matter which way the car is pointing. Sheesh! :cool:
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    I have a Kensington FM transmitter and it is by far the most impressive one I've used so far. It's almost like listening to a cassette in your stereo for clarity and strength of signal. I didn't say CD because only a CD or a direct line into the stereo sounds that clear. But I don't get any static except rarely with this thing and it recently came in major useful during a whirlwind roadtrip.

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