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    Ok I have a 2010 Macbook Pro 15" with a 160GB Intel G3 SSD. I mainly use it for surfing the web, working on homework, some iPhoto. No games. My question is should I dump it for the 13" 256GB MBA?

    What are the pros and cons of switching?

    (Before you say it, I have searched and didn't find an answer)
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    This probably only a question that you can really answer. Ultimately, the main reason to switch to an MBA would be portability. If you want something thats thinner and lighter, albeit with a smaller screen, then go for the Air.

    I actually switched from a 17" MBP to a 11" Air. Talk about extremes :)
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    I've heard the 2011 Airs are faster or as fast as the 2010 MBPs, so you won't be losing out on much in terms of processor. However, my question would be RAM. You can get 8GB max on the Pro whereas only 4GB on the Air.
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    I never have over 3GB used on my MBP. So i should be good... I just can't decide lol.. Where did you hear that they are faster?

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