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Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by ault45, Mar 28, 2008.

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    I just picked up a AEBS off ebay for $75. In my haste, I didnt look as closely as I usually do to the auction. When I won for that low of a price, I figured something was up. Turns out it is the older non gigabit N base station. My question is, is this a big deal for me? What is the difference? I want to network a usb printer, and a external hard drive. Other than that, all computers will be wireless. Thanks for your help.
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    No diff to you. That's a bargain, IMO.
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    Sweet. I had a little case of buyers remorse, but after I looked into it, the gigabit only affects computers hard wired. Is that right?
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    Yes. Although some testes have shown that it affects the throughput of the wireless as well, its marginal. Its a great router with excellent range.
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    Cool. Thats all I needed. Thanks.
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    hahahaha, I'm sorry. I thought that was pretty funny.
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    Clever balls! :)
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    yeah that's a great deal!
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    Yeah, exactly. The 'backplane' in the router seems to be limited to 100 Mbps, so you can never get over 100 Mbps on a wireless connection, even though N theoretically supports it. In reality, that would almost never happen anyway.

    Anyway, I've got the non-gigabit, and am completely happy. I was particularly happy that I didn't have to live with the buggy 7.2.x firmware like the gigabit folks. Enjoy!

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