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After Effects Color Overlay

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Espnetboy3, Jun 11, 2005.

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    Ok I was viewing someones short clip they did. First they greenscreened themselves and then dropped himself into the scene in episode 2 when they are fighting in the arena at the end. He said he did they keying in AE and then said he sampled a color from the background and did a color overlay on himself to make it look more like he fits in the scene. Basically a color correction. Does anyone know how to do a color overlay in AE?
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    anybody in here know of any good film forums I could go to to ask this question?
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    you add a "solid" layer on top. play around with the opacity or the blending option.
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    Ok and when i choose "New Solid" there then should be an eyedropper tool to sample the background color I want correct? He also said he used a little "lightwrap" on the edges.
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    yes.. there is gonna be a eye droper for picking the color u want. For the light wrap .. u have to try using some of the light effects that come with finalcut.. or ur friend might got some 3rd party plugins .. Also.. remember.. u might have to combin 2 or more effects together sometimes to get things done the way u want it to be done. just play around with it.. it's fun :)

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