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AI-cs2 : following the path!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by eclipse525, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Is there a way to take an object such as a group of text(outlined) or a icon and have it follow path(swirl, curve, etc.)? Sorta the same way you could with live type along a path? Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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    I know one way I did this was by making it into a brush. I had a trace of a tire tread that I wanted to be able to just curve and bend any way I wanted with the pen tool. I ended up dragging a piece of the tread into the brushes pallette, works fine, but may be a little difficult to get exactly what you want.
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    that's a good idea but what I need to do is take this scientific formula that I set and mold along a spiral curve. I literally need the whole formula to bend and curve along the spiral and just repeat and at the same time have that blend effect of large to small. I don't know if this can be done easily in AI or if I have actually use some sort of 3D app to accomplish this....

    .....I did originally use the blend tool and then just replace the spine with a spiral but it just got whacky on me. It didn't mold it to the curves, it just rotate each object at different points. Cool but not what I'm looking for......

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    Text on a path? I hope this is what your looking to start doing.

    Create your path (lines, curves, swirls or w/e you crazy mofo wanna do)

    Then copy the text you would like on this crazy ol' path.

    Then with your Type on a Path Tool click on the path and then paste your text in it.
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    No, he needs to be able to put objects on a path, not text.
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    Yes, you are right. I need to put an object/symbol on a path, not text. Someone on another forum had an interesting idea. It's close to what I need but not quite. Below is the link if you are interested...


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    sorry to hi-jack the thread slightly but is their any chance you can explan that further? didnt quite get how to do it from that.
    Create the path, save the path? go to the paths layer copy the text in and the last part completely lost me? Be handy to know how to do this. cheers
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    Create your path ex. a curvy line with the pen tool

    have some text already copied that you want to use

    Get your "TYPE on a PATH tool" NOT the type tool

    then with that tool click on your line and then you can PASTE your already copied text on that path/curve.

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