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AIM App = No Push yet

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by admanimal, Jul 10, 2008.

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    The AIM app will not notify you of an IM while it's not running. It tells you as soon as you start it up though.

    Aside from that it's pretty great though.
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    No Background apps Yet! They are coming later per Steve Jobs at WDDC

    No Background apps Yet! They are coming later per Steve Jobs at WDDC
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    Apple's Push Notification Service.

    Launching, September.

    Currently in beta,
    Seeded to trusted developers.

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    Does it log you off when you press the home button out of the AIM app?
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    Nope. Not unless you go to the home screen, tap Settings, scroll to the bottom, tap AIM, then switch on the "Sign off on exit" or something.

    They did it just like MobileChat was gonna do, where you queue up the messages when you exit the application.

    Nicely done :)
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    Its great they found work-arounds for their Applications although when APNS is up and running that will be even better =]
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    I'm testing the AIM app out by IMing myself, and whenever I send myself an IM when i'm out of the application, i come back to the app and it says I have a message, but then shows a blank dialogue box. Probably a minimal bug that'll get fixed pretty quick, or work itself out, kind of annoying as it stands though.
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    Does this use SMS or data?
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    has anybody tried using aim to send sms to a phone number? i assume it still uses data for that? any experience with it?
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    Right from AIM's website:

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    :) Thanks
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    VERY annoying! has any one else experienced this? Is this a bug that affects everyone? Should I try a re-install or what? I'm on an iPod touch BTW
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    I seem to randomly sign off when I use AIM and no one can IM me. Does this happen often to anyone else?
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    I can't even get my Buddy List to display people online, is there a fix to this???
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    cocky jeremy

    Twice i've clicked the AIM app to sign-on, and it's restarted my iPhone. Anyone else had this problem?
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    AIM doesn't log me out after I close the app (it is not set to "sign off on close" option), but it does sign me off after about 10 minutes of inactivity. Is this how it is supposed to be? If so that is extremely dumb. I have to sign back in every 10 minutes just to stay online? Any input here?
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    cocky jeremy

    After about 5 minutes, yes. The picture the guy just posted shows a FAQ on AIM's site, and that is one of the questions. Sucks, but i guess it'll have to do.. for now.

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