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AirDrop on iOS Mock-up

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by monaarts, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. monaarts, Jun 4, 2013
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    I was trying to have some fun by doing a feature mock-up for iOS 7. I know the video isn't the best but tell me what you think:

  2. ThisIsNotMe, Jun 4, 2013
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    Screw AirDrop!
    Bring me AirPlay Direct!
    (Sorry, really want AirPlay Direct as it is far more functional feature. Good video.)

    Only comment would be that both devices have to be "in" AirDrop for the feature to work.
    Do I am not sure how you would get documents from a desktop.
    I see apple adding some sort of "side" menu like we are seeing with a lot of apps and AirDrop being one of the features there.

    AirDrop would seem to indicate that "some" filesystem like features (like a simple document repository) may be coming to iOS.
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    That is the way Mac's are setup, correct. But that doesn't NEED to be the way iOS devices are setup. I think what should happen when someone sends you an AirDrop file is that a notification pops open saying "iMac is trying to send you MyResume.doc" and asking you which app you'd like to open it in. You don't really need a file system - which will never happen! lol
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    Only problem with this is how does one user pick your phone out? If I opened Airdrop while in a coffee shop, a million iPhones would pop up.
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    It would show the name of your device? I am not sure I understand the problem you're stating. lol
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    So anyone with airdrop could drop files on my iPhone? I understand I have to accept the file, but I'm not really too keen on having random airdrop requests.
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    On a mac, both people have to be in the AirDrop view on Finder. This helps limit the amount of people that you end up seeing. I think cmChimera is saying that you forgot to show how exactly that part of AirDrop would work on iOS. What would the other iPhone/iPad have to do to get the file or be noticed.

    As for the concept, I always envisioned Apple simply using the share-sheet menu that they introduced on iOS 6.
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    Both users have to be in AirDrop because AirDrop does use WiFi infrastructure rather it creates an ad-hoc network connection.

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