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Airplay Error loading Content

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by keith4594, May 19, 2012.

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    Went to sit down and stream a movie from my mbp 2011 from itunes
    select apple tv and click movie screen flashes on apple tv and error loading content messages on mbp and appletv

    restored the atv back to factory settings to see if it would fix it same thing happened

    what else should i do
    atv2 from 2010 still under warranty
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    I get this error when my NAS isn't mounted to my laptop before I open iTunes. That's the only time I've seen it, but I don't think the problem is on the ATV side. Make sure you have access to all the movies in iTunes, try using airplay to stream one from your laptop.
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    I've had it a few times. I just unplug the ap ple tv and plug it back in again and it works.
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    still hasnt worked

    restored it again and nothing but i can stream music no problem ???
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    Power cycle your router? You've almost guaranteed that it isn't an issue with the AppleTV, so the two remaining culprits are the network or the content.

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