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Airport Express problems with DLink DI-624 router

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by feakbeak, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Equipment involved:
    PC (specs in sig)
    DLink DI-624 router
    Airport Express
    Livingroom Stereo
    Mac mini - Has not arrived, so it's not in the equation yet

    Desired Setup:
    Have my PC connected to the router with ethernet cable and have the Airport Express connect as a client to the router via the wireless network and obtain an IP from the router's DHCP. I want to be able to stream music from iTunes on my wired PC through the router to Airport Express via the wi-fi network. Once the Mac mini arrives I will want it to connect to the LAN/internet using the DLink wireless network and be able to stream music to the APX too.

    When using the Airport Express Assistant on my PC I try to setup the APX to connect to my existing wireless network, the problem is that it does not detect any wi-fi networks at all. If I use the Airport Admin Utility to setup the APX to connect to my existing network and enter my wireless network name and WEP security key and attempt to update the APX it comes back with an error -4 - stating that it couldn't find the APX. I don't think this is related, but I also get a message that Windows is not able to manage my wireless networks when I start the Airport Express Assistant. However, when I go and look at the properties on my wi-fi connection on the PC that checkbox is marked.

    The wireless network from the router is working fine because I am able to connect to it using a Linksys USB wi-fi card (802.11b). I just can't get the APX to join the DLink's wi-fi network and it is starting to drive me crazy.

    Work-around (sucks!):
    I was able to configure the APX to work as its own independent wi-fi network, separate from the DLink wi-fi network. I have my PC hooked up to the router with an ethernet cable for internet and LAN access. I also have my Linksys USB wi-fi card plugged into my PC connecting directly to the APX wi-fi network to stream music via iTunes.

    While this works, it is not how I want to setup the network. I want APX to join the DLink network allowing any machines wired or wi-fi to stream music to the APX. This is important because when my Mac mini arrives, I want it to connect (via built-in Airport Extreme) to the DLink wi-fi network and still be able to stream music to the APX. Because my mini will not be wired at all, it won't be able to connect to both my DLink and APX wi-fi networks simultaneously.

    Suspected causes:
    1. Incorrect wireless settings on the DLink router. (DLink Wireless Settings )
    2. I am trying to setup APX incorrectly.
    3. My desired configuration is not supported by APX or I have a hardware problem.

    If you need any additional information just let me know. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    <bump> Anyone got any ideas? I guess I can give Apple Support a call or go to the Genius Bar at the local Apple Store. </bump>
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    I have this same setup with the exact same equipment. first, off you can't setup APX to use range extention or detect existing wifi with a dlink router. it only works with buffalo and apple branded equipment. the second thing is wait for your mac mini to setup your airport express. the pc software sucks and is hard to use.

    the best way to work with the airport express and the 624 is this way. setup the wifi using your 624 like normal without regard for the airport express. after that connect directly to the airport express via ethernet cable and configure your airport express in the airport admin utility. in the airport tab disable the wireless mode and name your base station. in the internet tab under "connect using" select ethernet. after that under "configure" select manual and hard code your ethernet address. since you are using the default setting in the dlink router use the ip address of with a subnet of with a router address of under the network tab make use everything is unchecked. in the music tab make sure both checkboxes are checked and itunes speaker has a name. after all that update. after you update to connect a ethernet cable from the lan port of your di-624 to your ethernet port of your airport express. once you plug it in and power on the airport you should see the green light.

    doing in this way allows you connect to the aiport express itunes and printer service over wired and wireless lan without using the wireless feature of the airport, and the wireless network is easier to configure if something is wrong because the d-link configuration is web driven not software like the basestation. another big plus is the antenna on the dlink has a lot better reception than the airport.
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    Thanks for the help, that is a good idea - hadn't thought of that setup. I'll have to move my DLink to the living room but that is not a problem. From the material I read on the APX I got the impression I could hook it up to my existing wireless network regardless of brand. I just bought this DLink router a few days ago. I was considering a Buffalo router, wish I had known this before I bought the router. Oh well, not that big of a deal. Thanks for the help again.
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    FYI: the green light doesn't come on. my bad, but the setup still works.

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