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Alfred 2.0 to Add More Complex Functions Via 'Workflows'

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Alfred is a beloved launcher program for Mac OS X that allows users to quickly launch Google searches, launch applications, make quick calculations and more. Now, the developers behind Alfred have revealed in a blog post one of the new features for version 2.0.

    The feature is called Workflows and allows users to create advanced functions to make Alfred even more useful. Some examples are the ability to research a film before watching or uploading photos to Flickr.
    Alfred 2.0 goes into beta in January and prospective beta testers can take part by upgrading to a "Mega Supporter" account.

    Article Link: Alfred 2.0 to Add More Complex Functions Via 'Workflows'
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    One of the best Spotlight replacement apps!
    Can't wait to get it in January.
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    STiNG Operation

    Aware not the same but....

    Celebrity DEATH MATCH: Alfred VS Siri!

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    Glassed Silver

    Why run extra software when Spotlight's super snappy and OS-integrated already?

    Also, is it really that much of an issue to type the movies name in Google and find the trailer on the first page?

    Glassed Silver:mac
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    you clearly never used alfred. is WAY faster and more powerful than spotlight. after using it a couple times you'll never get back to spotlight! ;)
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    This is hands down my favorite Mac utility. I was more than happy to pay for the license back in the day. I use it all the time.
  7. PBF
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    I use Alfred exclusively for its Clipboard and Hotkeys features. For everything else, Spotlight suits my needs just fine.
  8. dyn
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    How can something replace something when it needs it to work in the first place? It doesn't replace it, it complements it.

    That's also the reason why Alfred isn't faster than spotlight or the other way around for the basic spotlight functionality. It can become faster when you use all the additional features which spotlight doesn't have. Those prevent you from doing additional actions like starting up the webbrowser, going to youtube and search there.
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    Alfred is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I can't wait for this!
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    PC Alternative?

    I use Alfred for everything.
    My dock only ever has apps that are running or apps that I specifically mean to remind myself to use.

    Unfortunately, I am forced to use a Windows PC at work.
    Are there any good Windows versions of such apps?
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    Glassed Silver

    Been using Quicksilver long enough.
    Then tried Spotlight as app launcher and surely it does the job just as fine.
    Granted, never tried Alfred for more than a day, but honestly, never really thought there's much to it for me.

    I just don't need more than file and application search and Spotlight surely is fast enough...
    I type 3 letters and the app is right there... You can immediately press Enter and it starts.
    No need to waste extra resources for features I won't use.

    Launchy maybe?

    Glassed Silver:mac
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    I used to have the same point of view, but after my first few days using Alfred I was hooked on not using my mouse:

    I can quickly type "Netflix Seinfeld" to find it on Netflix. Or "IMDB Seinfeld" or maybe "Amazon Seinfeld" if I want to see how much the box set costs. Type any of those phrases and your default browser opens, already searching the site you wanted to search.

    Or maybe I want to eject my flash drive "Flashy". I type "eject Flashy" and I'm done. Versus going to the Finder, opening a window or showing the desktop, and then either right-clicking to eject, dragging to the trash, etc... All those motions take WAY more time than typing.

    Let's say I want to call up the phone number of my friend Bob Sacamano. I start typing "Bob S..." and his contact card is right there.
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    This update looks simply phenomenal. I'm hoping Alfred will end up being the Automator that Apple never made... :D

    I just wish they'd offer the paid version in USD as well as in EURO. Maybe with this update?
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    I have Alfred and only used it for a few days. No different than Spotlight. I no longer use it as Spotlight does everything I need without eating up the extra resources. Alfred is more a solution looking for a problem.
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    If you're using it just as an app launcher, then yeah, Spotlight may be better. But this does MUCH more than Spotlight. You need to look at the actual app that you have to pay for the powerpack, not the very limited version that's on the Apple App Store.

    This isn't a replacement for Spotlight. This isn't Spotlight. Look further into the program and what it can do. It solve many many problems for some people. But obviously not for everyone, such as yourself.

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