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Almost a spill victim

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Acorn, Jan 27, 2013.

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    I have a desk with a computer next to my bed. My laptop was on the bed. I put a large glass of fruit punch on the desk and it tipped sideways and dumped all over the bed, laptop and floor. I grabbed the laptop right away and wiped it off. the cover was covered in punch. I think it may be ok because the cover was closed it only got on the top. Now i really feel for all those spill victims. I have my macbook air off to the side with the power off. just in case. There is a huge fruit punch stain on the carpet now.

    not really a point to this post I guess. Just telling my story of the close call. I had almost opened the laptop 5 minutes earlier to reference something too. then it would have been all over. That was almost a 1300 dollar mistake. Only time will tell over the next few days if the laptop will be ok.
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    you will be fine, laptop was closed
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    I hope your right. my heart stopped when i saw that wave of fruit punch over the lid. Im sweating from scrubbing resolve on the carpet.
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    Glad it looks like you got lucky.

    I'm fully expecting the new "waterproofing" technology to make it's way to our phones and laptops in the not too distant future, which would make spills like this much less of a concern.
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    I've seen stuff like this for years now, not so sure they work as advertised though.
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    Its relatively new technology that is just beginning to become available. Obviously it would be easiest if phone and laptop manufacturers just built this into the products:

    http://www.liquipel.com/ - this is just one that I've looked at...
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    Some manufacturers (e.g. HP in the Elitebook series) have spill resistant keyboards with drains. I don't think it would handle an entire cup poured directly on it, but the issue with MacBooks is that even the tiniest amount of water can short because there is nowhere for the water to go.

    Jony Ive's designs are nice, but except for the iPad and iPad mini (which are virtually indestructible) they tend to be delicate.
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    Casio's G'z One series phones have been waterproof (and bullet proof too) since 2005. Everyone else has only just started catching up.

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    I have been using the laptop recently and it seems to be fine. the close call has made me want to buy one of those rubber keyboard covers though.

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