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Altering screen brightness through an application

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by lopchopstop, Sep 10, 2008.

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    Some of you may be familiar with the "vertical black strips" problem found in the new macbook pros

    The problem is very common (if your interested check out this 600+ post thread on the apple support forum)

    The problem seems to arise (at least in my case) when the machine is put to sleep when the screen is not at full brightness. So if the screen is at full brightness when put to sleep there is no problem but if it is at anything other then full brightness the vertical strips appear after it has been put to sleep.

    After all that (and the reason for posting this here) I was wondering if there was anyway to write a script (or some application that would run in the background) which would automatically put the screen display to full brightness when it is put to sleep? And then when it is woken up it could return the screen to the previous brightness setting (or a predetermined one)?
    The idea would be that I would have my display at, say 5 bars of brightness and then when the computer is put to sleep the application would set the brightness to full brightness (either right before it enters sleep or while it is sleeping). Then when the machine is woken up the app would return the brightness to the previous brightness (in this case 5 bars).

    I have a fair bit of experience with web programming but desktop programming is totally foreign to me! Basically I am asking if the above if possible so I can know whether there is any point trying to learn how to do it.

    Thanks for reading and If I was not clear about what I was asking please just let me know! The problem is not a major one. I mean it is realtively simple just to boost the brightness manually and then return it after is has woken but it is just kinda annoying and if it could be automated that would be great. Thanks again.
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    maybe applescript, or something to auto activate the built in IR (apple remote) (??)...

    nice discovery...

    while your at it, can you make an app that fixes the screen gradient and mura effects on the ($20) LCD screens of the 24" aluminum iMacs? thanks...
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    Thinking about it a bit more here are some questions it would be great to get answered.

    1. Is there some sort of event in applescrip to listen for when the system goes asleep and wakes up?

    2. I assume it is possible to change the brightness through applescript but confirmation (and any limitations) would be great.

    3. Any general hints of points in the right direction in terms of learning the stuff would be great.

    4. Anything that I have not spotted that is an obvious problem with what I am trying to do.

    Any feedback much appreciated!
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    in my program i have an option that disables dimming, sleeping and screen saver in full screen mode with "UpdateSystemActivity(OverallAct)" (objective-c, not apple script... but maybe there's an applescript for that too?)... it's fairly broad, but you could probably use a listener to listen for system activity?


    there's a good possibility that i'm inadvertently sending you on a wild goose chase here, so feel free to disregard this comment.

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