Altitude limit for iPod Touch???

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Brewerpaul, Sep 2, 2010.

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    While looking over the specs of the new IPT, I noticed that they list 10,000 feet above sea level as the maximum altitude at which the device should be used. People in Leadville, CO, beware!

    Seriously, why should there be an altitude limit? What components of the device might be affected by low atmospheric pressure? Is this just some sort of CYA spec put in there by Apple?
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    Heat dissipation is harder in thinner air.
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    True, but a Touch doesn't get all that hot. At least mine doesn't.
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    Obviously it gets hot enough internally for an altitude/air density rating.
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    I brought my 32gb 3gen iPod Touch to 14000 feet this spring and it worked fine (ski trip to CO).
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    so i can't sky dive with this one then?
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    Yes, but only at low altitude...
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    I have used my iPad at 35,000 feet and it didn't explode in my face! :D
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    I am pretty sure I have used my touch in a flight that was over 25,000 feet.
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    The cabin is pressurized.
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    I've taken my iPhone up to Pikes Peak a few times and that's 14,400 feet. It took pictures and video with no problems. I was probably up there on average a good hour.
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    Perhaps that's it. I used mine at above 25,000 feet with no problems.
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    I've done sky diving with the ipod :eek:... nothing bad happend.
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    So I'd I am on a plane, with a big hole in it's side and we l internal pressue.

    Will I be able to claim for a new iPod from the airline ?
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    Planes are pressurized, so there's that. Just don't climb Mt. Everest with it.
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    Let's put it this way, you'll pass out before your iPod touch stops working. People take them on treks to Everest all the time.
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    yes, in an airplane cabin pressurized to resemble air pressure at 4,000 feet
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    Airplanes don't count you guys, they are pressurized to 4000-8000 ft. Now a airplane with a hole in it would count, if it's big enough.... :eek:

    Mountains count. I stood at 14,400 ft in CO, and my touch was in my pocket. Pretty good, eh? So i can say that the iPT survives above 14,000 feet!
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    Just thought I'd add to this. Just got back from Everest base camp and Iphone 4 was working fine the whole way. So that confirms it works fine at 17500ft.
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    Yep, that vid was cool. My iPod 3G made it to 14,400 feet last march. My 4G will pass the same test also in march or so 2011. Ski trips in colorado.... Yay.

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