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Discussion in 'iPod' started by silentstar, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Ok, so itunes on a cell phone, who gives a ****!? Don't get me wrong. I bought the 1st Gen iPod the day it was released so hear me out. Am I the only person that goes to work on a daily basis while everyone else sits around, listens to their iPod and organizes their photos all day long? I work in a company of 1 million (or so) employees and I am the 2nd person in that company to use iCal, Address Book and Mail instead of Entourage or what have you. I do it because Apple writes brilliant intuitive software. Itunes on a cell phone doesn't interest me, I fantasize about iCal, Address Book, Mail and perhaps even Safari being seamlessly integrated in a easy to use UI, on a cell phone. Syncing calendars seamlessly is what I dream of. If all the PC users out there could get the chance to realize that the real benefit of using a Mac is the intelligent and intuitive software and how it is designed to work with you, not against you, then we are seriously talking serious number of switchers. no?
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    I think having iTunes on PC & mobile phones is about selling music, I see a lot of kids using their phones to listen to music so it must be popular. I tried it once a few years a go, but ended up getting an iPod. :)

    BTW how do you know that you are only the 2nd person out of 1 million to use iapps? Did you ask them all? :D
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    If Apple releases an iTunes phone tomorrow, kudos to them. I don't really care though. I hate having phones with too many features. I like to have the simple calling and texting, that is all.
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    i am in the market for a new mobile so if i had a choice of either a iTunes enabled phone or a rubbishy mp3 (i play 3 songs and thats it ) phone i would go for the iTunes phone ,

    BUT phone first - little gizzmos later -but thats just me lol i can see all them little kids with mobile loving an iTunes enabled mobile
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    Me too. I hate to the death polyphonic-ringtones, irks me like none other when I am sitting down to dinner in a restaurant and some girl's phone goes off playing some horrid rendition of an already shi**y radio song, horrible and disrespectful because as you know, the volume is on max.

    I think a phone should be simple, it is for making calls. I am of the mindset to have quality products that do one or two tasks damn well, not half-a** products that try to be all-in-ones but suck at it. I think this new phone is all about the generation and appealing to unintelligent "I want that because its new and Apple" type people. If that offends some of you, so be it but honestly I don't see this being a great technological advancement, nor a *good* product. This is a complete marketing thing, nothing good will come of this. Oh wait, perhaps even more cellphone related auto accidents because now instead of talking and texting, we can browse iTMS and download shi* while we drive, wonderful :rolleyes:

    All things are fine in moderation, the problem is people today have no restraint and will do the worst things at all the wrong times.
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    Personally I'd quite like an iPod with phone, SMS and Bluetooth functions. I don't see why there'd be any need for any extra buttons or even a mic. or speaker, these functions can be handeled on the earbuds or BT headset.
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    iPod with a phone inside? nope yuk

    i can see why apple want to put iTunes on a phone ( to sell more to the little teeny TXTY TEXTY crowd ) but i doubt apple would want to put a phone inside the ipod

    mmm if apple did make one it would look like the Moto Razor phone hehe
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    nope you're not. im not that interested in multi-function phones. its funny, where all these kids and iPod-phone users will be listening to a few minutes of music ill be kicking back with a full 6Gb iPod mini which will probably be cheaper than the phone.

    see the problem? phones would be good if they were cheap. but right now they are over priced gimmick machines.
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    You're not the only one with that dream. I couldn't care less for most fancy stuff. Camera, MMS, Java, etc are for suc...others. But give me a phone that can make calls, send/receive text-messages and sync flawlessly with iCal and Address Book and I'll stand first in line to buy one. Mail and Safari capability would be a bonus, but not required... ;)
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    I wouldn't want any change to the form factor, just an extra menu item to access the, limited, phone functions. Thinking about it you'd need a tiny speaker for the ring-tone (but it wouldn't need to be polyphonic or mp3 just beep-beep) and a vibrating alert.
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    you would also need to slot the sim in somwhere , but i think the ipod would be abit to bulky as a phone - the iPod Mini though now thats more like a phone.
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    I personally don't care. If it was more in an iPod/Apple form function I would consider buying one, but I have yet to scratch the surface of what my Treo can do.

    I still have my old Kyocera. Loved that phone--simple and bullet proof. In fact, I tried to run over it with my car--twice--and it didn't stop working.

    This, I would buy:

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    Personally, I don't need an iTunes enabled phone. I've been looking for a nice phone that I can sync with my Mac via iSync for contacts, calendar and if possible To Do items. However, Sprint is my carrier and I like them and don't want to swtich but the phone selection is horrible for the features I want. I really like the RAZR v3 but that's GSM only so I'd have to get Cingular, who I hate as a carrier...

    Sorry for the tangent I just hate the cell phone industry. Why can't I pick the phone I want with the features I want (some carriers disable phone features like Sprint's hate on Bluetooth) and then use it with whatever carrier I would like (aside from technology incompatibilites (GSM/CDMA)?

    At any rate, if I could get a nice phone to sync as I like I would be more than pleased to be able to throw a few albums of songs on there as well - not needed but nice to have. I sync all of my info to my iPod now, but I don't always have my iPod with me. I always have my cell phone with me.
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    I'll take a couple of those if they're at least 4GB and under $400
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    Imagine that in a Shuffle-sized iPod, sexy hot and über small! Of course there are some major issues with my proposed solution, however still quite intriguing. Actually that mockup with a plug-in phone attachment is a cool idea. If someone came out with something like that, where I could use my iPod normally as a mp3 player, then plug in an attachment and check my voicemails and make a few calls, that would be pretty cool. What would be really cool would be if the iPod natively had recipient support (ie could receive calls) and the attachment was only needed for dialing out, that would be awesome!
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    Speaking of cell phones, I actually quite like the Marc Newson (Talby Series) cell phone. If that could run iCal and Address Book I'd be one happy camper. It's quite Mac-like isn't it? I currently don't have a cell phone because I am waiting for an acceptable UI to come out...

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    I could be wrong but I dont see that as a plug in rather that the phone keypad retracts into the body so it appears as a normal(ish) iPod mini with a larger colour screen.
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    Can't you just buy a phone that's not tied to any carrier?
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    Difficult to do, at least by me. Often both the service and the phone are given at reduced prices if you get them together, or you can fanagle them both down if you work at it. If you try to purchase an unlocked phone (like a ATT/Cingular/Sprint prior to the two-merger) they are only found on ebay of cellular sites, and often for a ton of money, usually more than the phone without service would be from the carrier.

    I would love it if all the different service providers had similar technology so I could spend a lot of money on a phone I loved and would be able to switch providers every year (or whatever) to get the best service I wanted at that time. I had full internet access for a whole year, then the next I didn't use it at all and had to argue with them to take it off without penalty (they argued it was a plan, I argued a feature addition to my plan). Anyway....perhaps in the future this all might work, maybe.
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    I'm excited about the product-- since it's the first time Apple will have done a cell-phone app... but i've no use for it, and I doubt i'll ever get it, I don't like motorla phones much. Plus, yeah, I have an iPod (or will again when I get a new battery, but i digress) so the ability to carry around a few songs on my cell phone makes me yawn. But there does seem to be a market for it, and if Apple taps that, it's only good news for fans of their other products.

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