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Amazing Sony Tile User Interface

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Daveway, May 29, 2005.

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    The digg had this article posted on their site this week.

    Sony has developed a user interface using tiles that is very cool. Make sure that you watch the movie on the page.

    I don't see a real use for this, but it does show how far we are coming in technology. This is Captain Kirk kind of stuff, that really works!

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    that is absolutely crazy!
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    I like it. :)
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    It seems like cool technology, but I am not sure where it could be used?

    Probably not the right gadget for me if it was for home, I hate clutter and having stuff (I even hate having stuff packed away in boxes, but I do), so the whole tile strategy isnt for me.

    When I see technology such as this, I get reminded of all the sci/fi books and moves that I have read/seen. 1984, Total Recall, Blade Runner...
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    That is crazy. Something like that would never be put into real use, but if changed radically to be customized for real usage, then perhaps something would become of it.

    Imagine going to a restaurant and in the menu were little tiles. From the menu, you look at the regular text, and when you want something, you go ahead and take out the tile and put it in the middle of the table to "order." Once everything's in the middle, then you push a little button and the order is sent to the chef. Food is made, brought to you by cool little robots, and you enjoy!

    Ok, perhaps replacing waiters isn't what this technology is about, but it's just an example.
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    That is completely and utterly brilliant! :eek: :cool:
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    There is a link on the bottom of the first post ;)
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    The mind boggles! Not sure how it would be put into everyday use but dang it would be fun to play with!
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    I wonder if it runs on Windows? :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've seen this before, but I'm not sure where - might be MIT Media Lab Stuff.

    Anyway, all it is is physical widgets like you see in Tiger that you have to store somewhere on you desk. Cool - yes, for a 1980s scifi movie - practical? No

    Now, having each tile as a CPU and that generates the images without being on a screen and has all the widgets in one, that's different.....

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    What's more amazing is, it's 4 years old.
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    Yeah I saw it years ago. What's funny though, is that people said it's fake back then. :D
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    one of the neat things about it i think, is that tiles can affect each other..

    for something like a virtual synth [for music or video performance for example] with different effects modules, you could layer and modify in real time, making custom flow charts etc..

    sure you could do it with a mouse and screen, but this way is more 'hands on' so to speak..

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