Ambrosia's iToner Updated to 1.0.2

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    The latest version of Ambrosia's iToner Ringtone installer for the Mac has been updated to 1.0.2. The new update provides the following features/changes:

    - More robust iTunes 7.4.x support
    - Fixes an issue where iTunes ringtones might not properly sync
    - Improved handling of playlists, again
    - GUI improvements
    - Other bug fixes and enhancements

    The $15 shareware application provides a hassle free method to install your own Ringtones from AAC or MP3 files that has been resistant to Apple's recent iTunes upgrades.

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    In completely unrelated news, Apple inc. has updated iTunes to version 7.4.3. This version breaks iToner ringtone support improves ringtone support and includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.
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    That was a good one. If only Apple released updates as quickly for more substantial fixes and feature add-ons.
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    I honestly don't think Apple cares about programs like iToner because people actually pay money to use them. I think they are more concerned with programs that allow everything to be free. I enjoy iToner, I hope they come out with a new version soon that allows us to edit songs before syncing. I know how to edit in other programs, it would just be easier to do it all in one app.
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    I took the plunge and bought iToner today, and submitted a suggestion to them about editing features. I would gladly pay a nominal upgrade fee for an "iToner Pro." Ambrosia has a potential grand-slam home run with such an app.
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    Does iToner constitute a crack or hack on the iPhone? Will I be refused service? :confused: :eek:
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    It does not hack the iPhone. It syncs just like it does in order to add music or video to the phone.
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    iToner 30 day Trial

    I ran iToner in trial mode and synced a few ringtones very easily. The program says the trial works for 30 days, but the next day when I decided to add another ringtone it won't let me...the dropzone thats says drag your ringtones here only shows for about a second then disappears and come up on a list of ringtones I've synced when I start the program....anyone else have this issue with the trial?
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    #9 mean you can't already freely make ringtones in iTunes?
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    Uhhh... we are talking about ringtones for iPhone that sync to it. This tells me how to edit a song, something I already know how to do in multiple programs. I said for iToner to allow editing to make it easier so I could edit and immediately sync. An editing option in iToner could also add tools such as fading in or out. Your article doesn't help with either.
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    So just to give you an idea of what we're thinking regarding iToner, here it goes. The first few weeks of iToner's existence were all about survival. We wanted to ensure that iToner continued to work with iTunes updates, and burned the midnight oil to ensure that happened.

    I think a good indication of how we did is that when Apple updated iTunes from 7.4.1 to 7.4.2, they broke all of the other non-Jailbreak techniques for putting ringtones on your iPhone, but iToner continued to work unmodified.

    With a sigh of relief, we then cleaned up a few things, adding a bit more spiff to the interface, and released iToner 1.0.2 just recently.

    So what does the future hold for iToner? Now that the update scrambling is seemingly over, we're thinking about the following features:

    -- Adding bluetooth support, so that iToner will work with any cell phone that has bluetooth. Instead of being limited to uploading ringtones to iPhones, it'd then work with just about any phone.

    -- Editing/cropping ringtones. It's something we absolutely want to be able to do. Drag a song over, and iToner lets you pick what part of it to use as a ringtone. This opens up a can of worms that I won't get into here, but suffice it to say that because of the transcoding that's required, it'll be a bit of work to do it right. And we do always try to do things right

    -- Going along with the above, we'd also like to be able to transcode the ringtones into bitrates more suitable for iPhone ringtones, convert them to mono, and optionally boost the dynamic range of the ringtones so that they will sound more crisp and clear on the iPhone's build in speaker.

    -- Bundling ringtones! We'd like to be able to ship the product with a bunch of cool ringtones people can choose from. This means licensing a quality sound library, something we've been looking into.

    More than anything else, we fully intend to keep the elegant simplicity of the product, rather than bloat it with esoteric features. Drag, Drop, Sync... if we make it harder than that to use, we've failed in my opinion.

    There's no timetable on any of these improvements, but I just wanted to let folks here know what we're considering for the product.
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    Hey Andrew,
    Could I just add one more request? (Not that you don't already have enough to do, I know.) When "hacking", I was able to swap out my "newmail.caf" and "newsmsmessage.caf" sounds. It would be nice to have that option with iToner as well.

    Thanks for your software and your immediate support!

    -- Marcee
  13. pjo
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    I must say it's pretty unique (and brave) for a software developer to keep posting on a mac fanatic site :)

    I personally think iToner is worth paying for. Keep up the good work.
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    All those ideas sound great. I also love how simple iToner is. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with in the future to make the product even better.
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    Here's the problem with that. The sounds that they use for things like "new mail", etc. are in the OS-portion of the phone. Any changes you want to make to that portion of the phone require a "jailbreak" style intrusion, and they will also be wiped out when a new iPhone OS comes out.

    There are a lot of nifty things we'd like to do, but we don't want to do them in such a way that it'll end up being a headache for the users of our product. Unless we find a more robust, safe way to do the type of thing you're requesting, I can't promise we'll do them.
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    Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback. :)
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    Update please !

    OK, the new update is out today,
    do the itoner ringtones remain intact????????

    EDIT/UPDATE: read through this enormous thread and at least two people indicate itoner rintones remain intact after 1.1.1 update and nobody mentions them being gone.

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    moki, and news on it working before we update?

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    Yes, the iToner ringtones are still there, but here's the rub -- the phone can't see them anymore and so they won't play. Long story short, Apple has managed to disable iToner for the moment.
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    Here's what we know. It looks like Apple is locking down the iPhone with encryption and signing, the same way they locked down the iPod Touch. We're working to see what we can find out, if there is a way around it, we will find it.

    But this is not a good curve that Apple has thrown at us.
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    Thanks for keeping us posted, Andrew. iToner is simply the best solution out there (natch)... fingers crossed for a fix.
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    You have no idea how much we want to get this fixed. We are going to be burning the midnight oil trying to figure it out.
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    good luck to you my friend, your application warms us all :)
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    You have no idea how much the Mac community appreciates your willingness to burn it! We have seen you do it before and no doubt you will do it again! Thanks!

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    I'm extremely disappointed Apple is going down this encryption road.

    HUGE thumbs down to you, Cupertino.

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