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AMD to move beyond PC, faster chips no longer key

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by vniow, Nov 23, 2002.

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  2. job
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    Hasn't this been discussed/posted already?
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    I haven't seen any.
    I just found the article on /. about five minutes ago.
  4. job
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    Ah well.
    It was a brand new article on /. when I went to it.
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    It's all good. :)

    Thread repeats are bound to happen with multiple forums and such.
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    This move was inevitable. At least AMD hasn't been blinded by the whole 'my processor is faster' thing, like Intel. It's good to see that more companies are developing for the consumers, rather than for their pocketbooks and technology's sake. This has kinda been the whole idea behind Apple (or at least when Steve Jobs is in control...)

    Of course, I still want a dual 1.8Ghz PPC970 :D
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    Well, this paragraph says it all to me:

    So what are they going to do? Make them larger, more expensive, and slower? It sounds like they're looking for new markets and richer revenue streams, because they've finally accepted the fact that they can't be profitable with their current business strategy. The Opteron will be a great product; it's a shame nobody will buy it. It sounds to me like AMD will be gradually pulling out from the commodity processor space.

    Sucks for all the AMD Mac knobheads...
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    Yeah really...

    Yes, they don't make any clear indication of a strategy change here. Are they going to concentrate on embedded processors and give up the vanity of the PC market? Or are they going to only sell into the server and high-end workstation space with large, expensive chips?

    I have heard some noise about Opterons being pushed for servers. OTOH I still hear other noise about Athlon 64 (Clawhammers) in desktops.

    The 64-bit revolution won't be as shattering as the 32-bit revolution, but it will be a major upheaval nonetheless. I still have hopes for the PPC 970 being the leader there...

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