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amusement part disaster

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by virividox, Mar 15, 2004.

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    I've never been on one of those that goes upside down, but if all the safety devices were working, this is very strange.
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    ouch, i've heard of a couple deaths at some of my local amusement park but it's always sad to hear.
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    I don't mind roller coasters, but these sort of rides scare the hell out of me. Terrible that someone died from it, but not terribly surprising. She fell 60 ft... I would have expected that she could survive a drop from that height. Perhaps I have a distorted concept of distance vs vulnerability of the human body. Does anyone know about what height generally causes death on impact when hitting concrete/asphalt?

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    I hate those big swinging boat rides. When I was on one in NC/SC (amusement park name escapes me but it was on the border and in both states if I remember correctly) it took an abnormally long amount of time to come back down once it hit peak... and normally once it hits peak you go around a few more times but it came back down and pretty much to a halt. They let us off and told us it had gotten temporarily stuck, they would have it fixed in an hour and we could have a pass to jump to the front of the line to ride it again... :rolleyes:

    Yeah... that's what I want to do... ride a broken ride again... that keeps you suspended upside down... uh-huh...

    Previously that year the ride that takes you straight up a tower and then "freefall" drops you straight down got stuck at the top and the fire dept had to get the people down (took about 4 or 5 hours)...

    Note to self. Don't go there again.
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    That would be Carowinds. I have no idea if these incidents are > or < the average. I'd be interested to know what's more dangerous, statistically: the drive to and from the park, or the rides in the park itself.
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    Ew.... gruesome question! I suspect it has more to do with the position you land in than the height from which you fall. Falling headfirst, the distance might be less than ten feet.
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    Generaly, more than 3-4 floors = death or vegetable for the rest of your life. So thats about 25 feet... But even a fall of 15 feet can be fatal if you fall on your head!

    I personaly did a 20'' drop while rock climbing and it was no fun. Would I have landed 10 inches more to the right a rock would have broken my spine. I guess I was lucky since I only thing I had were some bruises on my ass (some binners were stuck between my ass and the ground).
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    I'm surprised that it could happen at all.

    I've been on the original kind that only went so far back and forth. Then, I remember a second kind with a cage and it went all the way up and over. There was certainly no way to fall out of it. Apparently, there is a third kind.

    It's sad that an annoying ride could turn deadly.
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    That is very sad. My prayers go out to her family and friends.

    I personally don't care for the majority of the wild amusement rides. They tend to make me sick.
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    A whole 20 inches? wow...

    I'm just messin'... we know what you meant. And I'd agree... a 20 foot drop would be no fun. But you gotta love the sport...
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    The only kind I've ever seen is a big boat that swings back and forth until eventually you're doing full circles a few times. Your strapped in roller coaster style.
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    Maybe if you live where no one is over 5 feet tall... ;)

    3-4 stories is bout 30-40 feet in the normal world :)

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