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An ios7 bug...

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by paul1993, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Not sure if anyone has already told this but now since I have ios7, when I plug my phone one of the usb ports of my car for my music, when I click next song button (on my steering wheel) it skip two songs... Every time...
    And It also only sees AC/DC in the list instead of 100's of other artists...

    It isn't my car, it has to be ios 7, it never had a problem except since now, since I upgraded to ios7...

    (note i did try other usb ports and cables. It is probably ios7 that bugs... Hope it will get fixed though...) :mad:
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    Do a hard reboot on your iOS device. Sometimes when streaming over Bluetooth, my steering wheel controls stop working until I reboot the phone.

    When i plug in through USB, Microsoft's stupid and slow Uvo crap takes over, and it takes 2 minutes to read the media, then it starts playing the first song alphabetically in my library, then after about 30-45 seconds the menu selections become active, and I can choose a playlist or skip songs. I hate it. Ok, end of rant.

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