Android haters?..Apple haters?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by naths, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Just a thing i was thinking about,it seems there are a lot of people that just seem to hate Android and just as many who hate Apple on these forums nowadays?...just asking the question why???....
    Iv used both Android and Apple products,just the vibe you get from some people on here is just hatred?..for example if android bring out a phone ...say like the Galaxy Nexus,is seems to slagged right off on here,yet apple bring out the 4S and its the best thing since sliced bread,...ok i know this is a Apple forum but doesn't anybody appreciate a good product when they see it???...
    Ok, i know its only opinions but I'm sure that most people on here were hoping and wishing for a re-design of the iPhone and were probably disappointed with just the upgrade,i just wish people would admit that rather than say "oh the 4S is just perfect", when in reality they were the ones saying 4" screen this and 4" screen that....same as android the so called perfect ICS galaxy nexus has faults,same as the iPhone,but you just don't see the same slagging off of competitors phones as you see on here....this forum has gone from being a great Apple Rumour site, like the days of "will they bring out a intel chip for the iMacs instead of motorola chips" a complete load of fanboys who will buy absolutely anything with a apple logo on and say its the best ever ??....just one thing to remember apple fanboys....there was a certain fruit called a APPLE many millions of years before the company.......

    RANT OVER...;)
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    I have and love both.

    Samsung galaxy s2 and an iPad.

    Nothing wrong with either of them, they're just different. Android is more capable but less simple and not as neatly implemented, whereas iOS is very clean and better integrated, but not as powerful.
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    yep very least you can appreciate the pros and cons of each...:D...thanks...
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    I think it's a combination of boredom and being spoiled.

    It's very similar to cable news in that sense. The overflow of information has shortened our attention spans and we need constant updates on everything, so the networks overanalyze stories to fill up airtime.

    Consumer tech is the same way. We're so used to Moore's law that we expect devices to constantly be improving by vast orders of magnitude. It's made us spoiled, and we end up debating over minor shit.
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    People enjoy causing trouble. Simple as that.
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    Well, your post started off good....

    Then ended quite badly:

    This is a Mac site. Unfortunately it has been infiltrated by so many Pro-Android/Anti-Apple people those of us who come here to read Apple news are sick of it. The constant "iSheep" and "fanboy" insults are getting very old.

    There is a forum for technology under community, but the Android posts are never put under there where it would be acceptable. Also the mods now allow Android posts in the iPhone forums. If users like Android, great. Go to an Android site to read about it. Those of us who like Apple come to Mac Rumors to read about Apple stuff.

    I thought your post was going to be a decent one but then I realized it had ulterior motives.
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    What someone is wrong on the internets, where, I dont buy it.:)
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    Exactly what I don't get either. Android trolls come to an Apple forum and call us fanboys.
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    This may be true for you, but a lot of people who are researching both platforms come here. Comparing Android and the iPhone is inevitable in these situations, and then both the Android/Apple loyalists come out and polarize what often starts out as a benign comparison.
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    Way to take that out of context. You sort of need to read and quote most of the post to get the point of it, not just that small segment.
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    The thing is though the comparisons IMO should be kept in the community thread since there is a specific section for it, that way those who aren't looking for alternate OS information aren't bombarded with threads like "Why I'm getting Android over iPhone" and other sympathy-type threads.
    I think it would keep a lot of the trolling down.

    Another possible solution is simply sticky an Android to iOS comparison thread that can be updated with each new major phone.
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    I own both Android and iOS products......

    I hate both of them equally.
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    Even this thread is turning into arguing...can't we all get along :p
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    Nope, I'm bored. But I'd rather throw all the hate on AT&T and Verizon rather than Apple and Google.
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    I have a solution. Get rid of them and be happy. :rolleyes:
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    This. This post is perfect.
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    That still doesn't change the fact that this is a site for Apple news and rumors of Apple products. If you want to get the unbiased comparison of both there are numerous sites out there for the choosing that will give you a better unbiased comparison of both. Leave this site to Apple products and it's users. Android users can go to Android sites to get the latest news. Most posts are trolling. Simple as that.

    Howardforums, phonearena, Gsmarena, etc. many many more for the choosing. That is like checking for sliced turkey in the closed to make a sandwich instead of the fridge.
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    I like hot showers while some enjoy cold showers..(So What) in the end what does it matter. as far as Apple and Android I have both as well as Webos.. honestly I'd go 1. Apple IOS 2. Webos 3. Android those are my choices. others might agree or disagree. What's that matter to me. :confused:
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    +1. There is nothing to love about them both. Wp7 goes the same way.

    I mean look at OS X. Less software choices but also less restricted compared to iOS. I can use it any way i like. Hell i can run windows if i like. Apple doesn't play big brother there.

    Similarly look at Win 7. Many cheap quality and high quality choices around but software (i.e. "apps") runs fine as long as it is windows, and win 7 runs great even on older hardware without much issue. Something android is catching up to lately.

    (yeah i think android should be compared to linux but in terms of hardware choices etc and apps availability it seems a good idea to compare to win 7, though being open source compared to windows)

    I just use which seems to serve me better for the moment. None of them has satisfied me in a way symbian used to in the good old days :p. Too bad it never evolved. Thanks Nokia.


    But the issue is you get used to some of the things you do on them i,e, social, news, music, videos, time pass games, calendar and appointments, documents, blah blah blah. Easy to get spoiled with that mobility.

    It is much easier for companies to solve the gripes we have but then how else will they keep us chained to their devices? So you are stuck using android or iOS in their current very slowly evolving forms :p
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    Anyone who really cares about what everyone else is buying is pretty sad.

    I buy what I like. I've had both.
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    And some need cold showers...
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    I own both and like both. I think iOS is more user friendly while Android is more user control friendly.

    But I like Windows Phone and webOS over both of them.

    I just got my Focus unlocked today and couldn't be anymore happier. The Metro UI is both fun to use and look at. Like a wall of my friends being viewed with a Times Square/Las Vegas personality. I love the different photos it shows in the photo live tile and within the app's background. And I think it has more potential to be even better. Gotten so many stares with my WP in ONE week than any other OS I've ever had in three years. I know some will never like it and that is fine. Not as customizable as Android where it lacks even putting a battery meter on top of the header or inability to change for a better keyboard. Doesn't have the apps like iOS either. I say enjoy whatever you want to like, but since owning all three platforms, I happen to like WP the best. Going back to iOS and Android bores me to tears. I like very few things from Microsoft. Apple makes better products and Google has better services. But when it comes to intuitive mobile OS, I think Microsoft has got them both beat even it doesn't always show in sales. A pleasant surprise with WP.
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    I like both. I wouldn't say that either Android or iOS is better than the other, but I detest Windows Mobile.

    One of the things I hate about WM is something as basic as the language settings. Just because I bought the phone in Norway, it doesn't mean that I really want the OS to be all in Norwegian (I prefer English) - and the EULA forbids me to install another edition with the language that I want, WTF is that? Sluggishness caused by kernel bugs and poor process-handling comes in addition to this. I really hate WM, but it's probably useful for some people, though.
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    im not trolling or whatever you call it?...i don't hate either apple or android,i do appreciate technology though, and at the moment apple do make the best computers, and tablets,but phones no...there is a lot better phones on the market now to compete with the iPhone, just take the nokia 800 lumia, not bad for a first windows phone from Nokia, the nexus from google, etc etc, that the phone market, yet in the tablet market android, blackberry etc seem to be struggling, if microsoft brought out a tablet the same size as the iPad running true windows, then that would be the one to have, same as the iPad with OSX would be, which i don't think is to far, at the moment tablets are just massive phones running phone operating systems...
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    M Quick

    You can look at it the other way reading his post man, he might aswell say that he loves both equally, it would mean the exact same thing..

    Is the glass half empty or half full? :rolleyes::confused:

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