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Android is sucking me in. HELP!

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by macness, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. macness, Sep 18, 2012
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    i saw a link to that "Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS" video series on youtube.. and for the first time ever i'm considering an apple device. My iphone 5 is set to arrive on friday.. I can not believe this is happening to me.:( I have the whole apple eco sytem going on at home and i am very very excited for mu iphone 5, but these videos are driving me nuts! Somebody talk me out of it!!!

    here's part 1 of 5
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    Give in to the future. Give in to freedom.
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    don't do it man...! its an open source, so there may be dangers in the outside world... haha.. but then again there's always jailbreaks for iphone. im at work now so will chk out the video from home. but this is something ive considered every now n then too. interesting to see what ppl have to say here. my opinion is, my iphone 4 can do anything an android can. ofcourse, after being JB.
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    please do view them when you get home. I could really use your opinion. And here i was thinking i was "apple" for life. I don't even know if i should pick up my phone friday..
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    If you don't want the iphone 5 I'll take it
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    I hear you man, I have a Galaxy S3 I've been using for a couple days and it really is making ios seem boring in comparison.

    But I am going to use it alongside the Iphone 5 for about a week before I make a final decision. I have been Iphone since 2008 and never even thought about Android, till my cousin who's a programmer and big Apple fan (has had every ipad, every iphone, macbook, etc) switched to Android's HTC One X and said he won't go back. Made me try Android.

    I love the customization and widgets, feels more "alive"...but am missing the Apple App store, Facetime and imessage as many of my friends and girlfriend have iphone, this battery sucks, and the phone isn't as nice design wise as an iphone.

    Also, I have an Iphone 4 and am still relatively happy with it. I was thinking about it and don't think I'd still be happy with an Android from 2 years ago. I also know in 9 months there will be 5-10 Android devices better than mine, but in 9 months I'd still have the best ios device, that gets software updates immediately unlike Androids.

    Leaning towards Iphone, but never been this tempted. Apple needs to make some new UI changes for next iphone.
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    nice.. will chk out the vids soon...
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    These reply's are definitely helping
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    Your thread will be moved to the Alternatives section pretty soon. Talk to the people there when it gets moved.
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    I watched the first 7 minutes, and just a few general thoughts:

    -I went to In-n-Out burger's website in Safari. I clicked it's address. It opened up Maps and routed to the location for me.

    -Hit the Home button to Spotlight search (twice if not on main springboard page)

    -put icons on different pages to keep them "organized and cleaner", and don't fill the 4x4 (soon to be 4x5) grid on each page. I also like how he's like "Yeah, there are folders, but, it's not smart like this" and opens ONE folder of all apps. Ask any interior designer, home decor expert, or anti-hoarder person what's a better strategy for organization: one folder for everything, or multiple folders with a purpose

    The one thing I do like is the ability to tell the phone which browser to open links with. But meh. I'm sure if I watched the rest of the video, there'd be a lot of other examples that he's being either A.) very selective about, B.) choosing specific apps to set up the iPhone fail (notice he used Dolphin's browser, probably why the In-n-Out burger address wasn't selectable) or C.) showing the WORST and MOST CUMBERSOME way of doing something as if it's the ONLY way.

    Take videos like these with a grain of salt. Almost all are made with an agenda, despite the creator's insistence that it was unbiased. Once someone goes to create something, they want value to be in it. To increase value (in this case, proof that Android is superior to iOS), you increase your evidence for your value. His evidence is doctored in some fashion. At least his first 7 minutes worth was ;)
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    I was really leaning toward the Galaxy Note II, because I really like the big-screen concept. It's like half an iPad in your pocket.

    But what I realized is that the Apple ecosystem is just too hard to leave, for too many reasons. Those of us who use Macs as our main computers are obviously going to have a much better experience with iOS than Android. We have the big-name apps from major developers, and serious smaller developers prefer developing for iOS as well. If you've been on an iPhone for a long time, chances are you have a few hundred bucks in apps, not to mention all that iTunes music and video that'll be a pain to get onto an Android device. And finally, there's iMessage, a pretty big deal to people like me who are in iOS-heavy circles. I'd have to upgrade my text plan if I wanted to switch brands.

    Oh, and don't forget all those accessories, cases, and stuff like that too.
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    big time for me, I really like the Galaxy so far, but 85% of my friends and family are on iphone and thus imessage, I Facetime with my girlfriend and daughter who I don't live with, and have aquired many apps, vids, music over the years on ios, and enjoy itunes match.
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    if android is indeed sucking you let it finish and go back to your iphone.
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    I don't blame you. Those videos did show me some neat features of Android, but in the end, I use my phone for browsing the web, notes, calendar, photos, stuff like that and all those extra features aren't worth such a distracting OS. I've used a GS3 for an extended period of time, but everything just felt off and the basics like good menu layout, icon design, scrolling physics affect me more in day-to-day life than those extra features that I wouldn't have wanted if I hadn't seen the video series.
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    Don't do it, especially if you use iCal and like it to sync across all devices!

    I went with the Galaxy SII when it first came out, synced Google calendars etc etc, but it kept changing random appointments- lucky they were only for my Uni times, so I knew that it was a bit strange when there was a missing class, and behold, there it was 2 weeks later in my mid semester break.
    Synced, unsynced, wiped, re-google cal'd, synced, repeat, stuff kept changing.
    It came up correct on the iCal sync and Google calendar web interface, but the phone kept changing it.

    Some other small issues, I almost pelted it into my computer after two weeks.
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    As mentioned earlier, the video is biased. When I did his in-n-out test, the website itself had an input so I could put in my address and get driving directions from the web site. There was no need for me to copy/paste anything.
    You really have to put your critical thinking cap on, because people will exaggerate things for their argument.

    If you're comfortable with jb your iphone, you'll likely be comfortable with android. Unless you get nexus or something similar, you're going to have to sideload the phone to install the latest os. It usually takes a while for android phones to get the os.
    Personally, I don't feel comfortable trusting google with everything. If you are or don't care, it might be worth a try.
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    I'm kind of sitting on the fence myself, but this article is actually pushing me towards Android. It puts the finger on why I still had this slight "ewww" feeling when using Android that I couldn't quite explain - but at the same time it shows that these are only superficial flaws.

    A good sign is that the head of Android design himself comments on the article, admitting to these flaws and that they need to be looked at. And lately, Android has been entering a stage of very rapid improvement, as proven by Jelly Bean - so my gut feeling is that superficial flaws like this will soon be history.

    At which point I will definitely be done with iOS (until Apple decides to open up their OS to the possibilities given by today's hardware).
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    What do you need your phone to do? Do you need it to text? Do you need it to make calls? Do you need it to get your email? Do you need apps? Do you need 4G? If yes, then either one will do. If you have problem with phone, which company will be there to provide help? Which has a higher resale? What exactly does android do so much better that will have a huge impact on your life?
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    ET iPhone Home

    No doubt the hardware on the iPhone is second to none, however, I can respect the conveniences that Android's OS has over iOS.

    I'd be happy, if only, iOS will auto reset itself back to the start/home page for the last app I used after I hit standby without it being stuck of that last page - for example, the phone app.
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    Are you angry this thread doesn't have a poll?
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    My polls are the only interesting ones so no.

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