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Animations need to go or be fixed

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by hello12, Jun 13, 2013.

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    This has probably been posted here before, but I don't have time to read every post.

    One of the major issues with iOS 7 is the animations. When you unlock the phone, or click on a folder, the animation is just way too long, which makes clicking the app a slower process and annoying.

    I took my friends phone with iOS 6 and noticed one big thing iOS needs, and that is quick and fresh animations that we have on iOS6 and below, like when the apps came in fast when you first open the phone.

    I don't have a way of giving feedback about this... But if I am noticing it, I am SURE someone that is able to give apple good feedback, will...

    As for the new icons - I have grown to like them, but I think they can be brushed up a little bit with better colors and maybe better designs too (like safari needs one for example)
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    This is the first beta. Apple have said that this is a work in progress and the UI will change throughout the beta period. The animations will no doubt be sped up as the bugs are worked out.
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    They'll tweak it with time.
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    One of my biggest complaints so far, so we'll see.
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    This is the first beta, as the others have said. There will be a beta every two weeks or so until the final version. Things like this are very common especially with the earliest betas, they get cleaned up over time.

    It's a non-issue, it will be smooth by release.
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    Do you not know what a beta is????
  7. M87
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    Steve Jobs would never have allowed a beta to have slow animations.
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    It seems like the underlying point is that this doesn't really look like a bug or something that's not smooth or not quite right. The animations seem to be working as designed, it's just that the design of these new animations makes them noticeably longer than before.

    So, if the actual underlying design will change, then perhaps this might get changed. If not, unless this is truly some bug (which it doesn't seem to be), it might very well not be changed.
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    I realize I misread (or mis-assumed) something about the OP. I thought it was referring to the choppiness of the animations. At least for me, nearly every new animation stutters, and something ends up being temporarily misaligned. I don't know if they'll shorten the animations but I suspect they'll be much more smooth by the final release.
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  11. 3bs
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    This. I do hope they decide to change the animations somehow. They work fine on my iPhone 5 but they're too slow in my opinion.

    Like you said, it doesn't look like they're slow because of lag but because that's the way they wanted them to look.
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    Just wanted to revisit this...

    It's RTM now, not beta.

    And that unlock animation is incredibly annoying compared to iOS 6.

    My only complaint, but I hope Apple fix this.
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    Yeah, where are all the "it's a beta" people now? :rolleyes:
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    They've changed to the i"OS 7 is a work in progress" crowd.
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    How is it too long? You click on it and, before you can blink, the animation occurs and you're in the app.

    People just want to complain about anything.... no matter how baseless.
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    Just because something doesn't bother you, doesn't mean it's not there. Feel free not to read and participate in discussion about issues that you don't experience and/or care about.
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    It's an artificial delay that was not there before.

    Adding an artificial delay to technology that's supposed to be about speed is just stupid.
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    It's 2 seconds at the most. You barely notice it....
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    Again, you barely notice it, not the others who notice it and don't like it.
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    My 4s doesn't lag. They are pretty quick. Will compare side by side with my wife's 4s that's on 6.0.3 later tonight. Overall though, no issues IMO.
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    I like the animations and the speed doesn't bother me.
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    I certainly do.

    I LOATHE any UI where there's something on the screen that you should be able to press, but you can't.

    In this case it's down to a cosmetic decision, which is what makes it so bad.
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    I agree with you 100%

    The fluidity and speed of the IOS is what set Apple apart. I personally felt that my iPad was intuitive to my touch, now there's just no connection. A disappointment, but am hoping that there are changes in the future. :)

    On a side note:- this comment is not a personal attack on any users on this forum, but merely my (and many others) personal opinion. It may be good for you, but not for others.
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    A lot can happen in two seconds, or in this case, doesn't happen.
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    You are right, this has been talked about in the forums since the first beta.

    Apple definitely skulks around the forums, but gave no S. about the complaints during beta. Hopefully one day they'll listen and change the animation speed.

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