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Annotations that show/hide on mouse over - app?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by cheapnis, Aug 8, 2010.

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    I'm annotating anatomical drawings for students - rather than having a huge clutter of annotations around the drawing I want to be able to set things up so that annotations, and possibly even another image, are revealed when the student either rolls over a certain portion of the image or clicks on it.

    Ideally I would also be able to combine the click with show/hiding another image layer to highlight certain other features graphically.

    I know that Preview has basic annotation tools but I need something a bit more sophisticated. This is going to be an important and long term project so I don't mind investing in and learning a "pro" app if that's what it takes.

    Lastly, assuming that I can do the above in a particular app (someone here will tell me about!) how would I then go about making the resulting interactive image accessible to students without the app? After all if I can't do that then there's not much point . . .

    thanks in advance!
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    Your best bet is to just build it with HTML and javascript.
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    OK - my knowledge of HTML is pretty basic, of javascript non-existant !!

    What would I use? Maybe a combination of photoshop and dreamweaver would do it?

    I'm thinking in terms of the image being a bit like a web page template with the mouse click or mouse over areas on the image being set up as "buttons" . . . am I thinking in the right sort of direction?

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    You can also accomplish the same thing using InDesign and Acrobat Pro.

    Just make the object that you want to "pop up" a button and set to hidden. Then make the area that they roll over a button that shows the hidden button on rollover. When you are done, export to a PDF and be sure to include interactive elements. The viewer will have to view the PDF in acrobat pro or adobe reader since Apple's preview does not honor Interactive PDF elements.
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    Many thanks for this - I've read through a few online articles on how to use Indesign to do something similar to what I want to do to end up with an interactive PDF in Acrobat.


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