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Any application that could fix movie title names

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ViperDesign, Aug 9, 2010.

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    I use meta x for the meta tags, but that does not actually change the name of the file outside of itunes.

    Is there any program out there that does this? I have a library of over 400 movies and a lot of them are bad looking. I would like to clean them up.

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    Why would you not properly name the movie when you created it prior to importing it to iTunes? Just curious.
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    This can be done with Metax. Play with the File tab under Preferences
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    I was going to suggest Finder, but thought it sounded too snarky.

    Some programs look to the actual file name. If so, you'll need to change that. Subler or Meta X can rewrite the meta data title outside of iTunes that changes the meta data title on the file itself, but it will not change the file name for you. For that you'll still need the Finder. Just double click on the name of the file in the finder, the file name will be highlighted, type the new name...
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    It was just laziness. So on some movie titles are in all capital letters. Stuff like that.

    I was reading boxee and I am going to name them properly (or by their suggestions I should say)
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    I'm sure the others weren't being snarky either, but to be honest, do it in the Finder. Only 400 movies should take you no more than an hour.

    Or you could spend two hours trying to learn how to do it in some other app, that may not do just what you want.
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    Another way would be to delete everything from your iTunes library, then set the option 'Keep iTunes Media Folder Organised', set your library folder to a different location and then re-add all your movies. When iTunes copies the movies to the new location it will automatically rename all the files to what ever the title tag is set to.

    This wont work if you don't change your library location as iTunes will not rename the files if it doesn't have to move them.

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