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Any Apps for Google Reader?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by skittles90623, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I love the way Google Reader functions on my desktop, but on my iPad, it's a little limited. For example, I have to tap on one blogger and I get taken to a page with all his posts, but I have to go back to get to the other bloggers. On my desktop, all the bloggers are on the left, and all the posts on the right, and I don't have to go back and forth since they're all on one page. I can switch from blogger to blogger all in one page, where as in Google Reader on my iPad, I can't :(
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    I use Reeder ... great app
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    Byline is what I use on both my iPhone (when out & about) and my iPad at other times, it isn't universal though so that kinda sucks but if you buy the iPhone app you can get a discount on the iPad in app purchase to remove the ads.
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    I really like pulse reader. It can import from google reader feeds and also has a library of "featured" sources.
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    Mochi Hana

    Another vote for Reeder here. I think it's the best RSS app for iPad.
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    I third that. Amazing app, I also have it on my iPhone.
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    While I have Reeder, and enjoy it, I prefer Newsrack. I have tried them all just always come back to Newsrack.
  8. QuarterSwede, Aug 5, 2011
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    If you're an RSS power user Reeder is the best choice. It looks great, is the fastest syncing with Google Reader and has a ton of features.
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    I use flipboard.
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    I use Reeder as my heavy duty app. I installed Pulse, but rarely use it. I use Flipboard to get a fast look at things. Flipboard is elegantly designed, but as far as I can tell it still limits you to 2 "pages" of material. You can have multiple links within a Flipboard panel on a page, but I still get more information, more easily viewed, with Reeder.
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    Reeder just looks too glossy to me, when I'm skimming through all my feeds I care more about how fast the design of the app allows me to do that and not how pretty it looks. Byline is organized just like Google Reader and syncs extremely fast, it even caches for offline viewing pretty quickly so if you want an app to quickly skim through a lot of feeds then I stick by my recommendation.
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    Combination of Flipboard and Feedly here.
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    I use both Mr. Reeder and River of News.

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