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Any iOS7 apps you use more (or even less) than ios6?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by macsmurray, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Are there any apps in iOS7 that you find yourself using more (or even less) than in iOS6? What apps are inspiring and what ones leave you cold compared to their predecessor?
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    People will probably use Settings less do to Control Center.
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    I use them the same, but to answer your second question, I like the changes to safari quite a bit--loves the new tabs view and unified search (finally!) I dislike the UI changes to the Music app, especially the big album art. Too much wasted space.
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    I use Safari, Mail and Contacts now, whereas before I used third-party apps instead. (Of course, with Contacts I still have to use a third-party app to manage groups).
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    I definitely use Reminders less. And I'd say that I use Safari a lot more. The extra space, however minor, really does seem to improve the browsing experience for me.
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    I use Settings less because of control centre (thank god!) and I also use notification centre a lot more too. I've never used a third party app to replace something, so usage on the stock apps is about the same as ios 6.

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