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any iphone mailing lists?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by gifford, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Do apple have an official mailing list yet? if not, whats a nice popular third party mailing list ?

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    No, because the iPhone SDK is still under NDA.
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    Still! I presumed the NDA requirement died on july the 11th.
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    Nope, I doubt it will go away anytime soon. I'm pretty disappointed myself. Having a mailing list is a useful place to get information.
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    Are you sure? I haven't signed any kind of NDA... and since they're letting just about anyone in now I don't see how it's enforcible just for the people who signed up before the 11th.

    The SDK itself was never under NDA anyway - it was a free download to anyone. It was the beta firmware that was, and that's not needed any more.
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    When you click I agree to the license agreement you accepted the terms of the NDA.

    It effects everyone. Not just those who signed up before the 11th. Remember you still need to login to ADC to download the iPhone SDK.

    Incorrect. It was available only to those who accepted the license agreement and thus agreed to be bound by the terms of the NDA (which incidently does effect the SDK).

    Also incorrect.

    Edit : Source http://lists.apple.com/archives/Xcode-users/2008/Jul/msg00276.html
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    iPhone owner / user 3rd party mailing list

    I have tel numbers and e-mail addresses of circa 80k iPhone users (predominantly UK based) :)

    tweet me @running_things http://twitter.com/running_things if your interested in useage opportunites.


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