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Any ipod changes in January?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by friendlyghost, Nov 3, 2002.

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    Hey everyone,
    Does anyone foresee any changes to the ipod lineup in January?
    - a 40 GB version (toshiba's rip-off has one)
    - radio
    - a tivo-like feature for radio?

    Ideas? Possibilities? Probability?
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    Price drops, maybe a radio addition. Probably a software update adding more features. Maybe a digital camera addition piece or something (but not likely)
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    Probably no changes in January. For the iPod, I would only expect changes about once every 9-12 months.

    But I would like to see price drops, and a solid scroll wheel, case and remote on the 5GB model.

    Digital camera additions are probably not coming any time soon, and 40GB seems like a bit of over-kill.

    And I don't think we will ever see radio as a feature on the iPod.
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    40 gig?? Do you really need that much space?? And look at the pricing.. if you go with the current price, a 40 gig iPod will be $700!!!

    So, no, I don't think they'll have a 40 gig iPod.

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    Obviously I don't have 40GB of MP3s, but I'd like to use my iPod to shuttle all sorts of files back and forth as well as a backup for some stuff. That's where 40 GB comes in handy.

    And with the way HD prices are going, I wouldn't be surprised to see 40GB at $500, 20GB at $400 and 10GB at $300.
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    The iPod uses 1.8 inch drives and 20 GB is the current max there. They could increase the size and add larger drives but I doubt they will.
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    i still theink the coolest thing would be a driver to use a firewire card reader with the iPod to store digital pictures.

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    I thought each model went up $100. Did anyone really forsee a 20 GB model @ MWNY either? :p
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    I want a limited edition iPod with a Jaguar shell
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    I think apple should either drop the price of the 5 gb ipod to 249 or 199 and drop the price of the rest by 100. that'll really help pick up the sales for christmas
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    I don't expect new iPods until Firewire 2 comes out, which could be as early as the new Power Macs in early spring. As soon as at least the PMs and PBs have firewire 2 then they can start making firewire 2 ipods, which will help transfering 20GB of music/data/whatever, or if HD companies come out with a 1.8 inch 30GB or 40GB drive. But until that happens just look for minor changes, maybe all iPods with the new scroll wheel and a price drop around Christmas time. iTunes still needs ACC encoding, once it has that then a major software update will take place in the iPods and we'll have some 10,000 songs in our pockets. But i don't expect any of this until MWNY 2003.

    just my 2 cents

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    I think we'll see 470 gig hard drives, a cell phone, camera, two-way radio function, and the ability to remotely kill a person built in. all for under $300.


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    Little bit excentric. I'd vote for the 470 GB HD's though.
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    I would love to get my hands on an MP4 iPod that can play AAC Audio! :D :D :D
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    I think so

    Look at the price drop of the engraving that ends on the day MacWorld starts. I hope there will be an iPod update. I personally want a bigger screen, FM radio and a more reliable H.D.

    I was talking with the genius at an Apple store about buying an iPod and using it as a bootable portable Hard Drive in target disk mode and he told me that allthough it's possiable, they tend to heat up real fast when used as a boot drive and cause damage. I think they've got to get the bugs worked out before they go with larger Hard Drive models.

    I want an iPod for Christmas, but I've decided to hold off until MacWorld...
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    Re: Any ipod changes in January?

    One thing that I'd like to see that would be a "No Brainer" for Apple to impliment is an iPod that would work on both my Mac and my PC.

    If this is actually a feature on the current models, the documentation that says so is pretty hard to find.

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    Oh, good idea...

    Yeah wouldn't it be great to plug my iPod into a Windows PC and boot up just like I was using my Mac. Theoretically it's not that far fetched of an idea. It would just be getting the PC's to cooperate that would be the biggest issue...
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    Re: Re: Any ipod changes in January?

    After I wrote this, I did go take yet another look at Apple's website. Found the answer in their Support area:

    The two iPod's use a different disk format, one optimized for PC and the other for Mac (HFS+). This disk format on the iPod is reportedly what prevents any individual iPod from being easily swappable between a PC and a Mac.

    The documentation goes on to say that you can take a iPod(Windows) and run a translation/reformat utility to make it into a iPod(Mac), but its a one-way process, because Apple has chosen to not write a Mac->PC iPod reformat utility.

    In any event, this is a tacit admission by Apple that the Mac DOES support the Windows iPod disk format, and that its merely a strategic move by Apple to purposefully be non-compatible.

    Afterall, we already have swappable ZIP disks, external USB/Firewire drives, etc. To not offer it on the iPod is for me, a barrier to buying this particular product.

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    i hope they keep around the 5 gig ipod and just lower the price to like 249 or something. I dont need a 10 gig and 300 is still expensive
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    i still have a 5G version - and to be honest I LOVE the scrollwheel better than the solid version. it just feels better to me - and its so much easier to play breakout if you wanted to :)

    AAC is my biggest wish. I would need to kill my mp3s and re-rip, but it would be so worth it. i don't want image display - but if you had a firewire capable still digCam, wouldn't it be nice to start your iPod up, connect the camera, and have it detect it - and transfer the files to a "Pictures" folder on the iPod... later you could mount the iPod, and transfer the pictures out of the folder to your local system, or have iSync just take care of it.
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    I just can't see abandoning MP3 for any other codec, even AAC. Why give up compatibility with everyone else?
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    Um, it'd be just like making the change from CDs to DVDs. Same concept. It's been done before. :p Besides, I'm sure Apple will have a way to easily convert MP3 files to AAC and vice versa. ;)
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    I hope they switch to AAC and lower prices. If they get the low
    end model down really low in price, it will be flying off the shelves.
    Right now they are a bit pricey. There is no way apple will release
    a 40 GB iPod, it would be way too expensive, and anyone who
    has 40 GB of songs needs to... well - not have 40 GB of songs. I
    sit comfortably at 2,500 songs :D:D:D.
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    wouldn't a more applicable analogy be a switch from VHS to DVDs? I mean we don't use CDs and DVDs for storing the same stuff (except maybe for the new TiBooks software restore DVD)
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    i think apple should make the 10 gig standard, lower it to 299, and then have the 5 gig ipod be like 199 or 249, and that would sell like absolute hotcakes i know it. especially if they somehow got it down to $199.

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