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Any programs to convert video to iPod in Windows?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Camui, Jan 26, 2007.

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    I've been searching through the threads and search engines and I'm not having much luck finding any programs that can covert video for my 80GB iPod in Windows.
    Does anyone know of any programs that can do that and how good are they?

    P.S. I do realize that this is a perfect example of one of the MANY reasons why OS X is better. I'm currently saving up to purchase my first Apple computer. Until then, can anyone help me out?
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    Hey, well i have the same problem. i once downloaded a program to convert videos but when i transferred it to the ipod it had a nasty "trial only" writtent on it. So yeah, but one cousin told me she had a program she downloaded that converts videos for free, she has the 80 gb too and has tons of videos. shes an itunes store hater, anyways i will keep looking, hope someone knows better. im a windows user as well, bound to buy my first mac a soon as leopard come out.
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    Aside from saving up for one, Leopard is a big reason for me as well.

    It would be nice to find something that wouldn't have "trial only" on the converted videos.

    Hopefully some nice people might help us both out.
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    Try Videora back when I used to use Windows I used it, granted, it hasn't been updated in awhile, but I bet it will do just fine.
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    CaptainZap~~ Thanks for the recommendation, it's working pretty well. :)

    aafuss1~~ I downloaded the installation file from the link you gave me. After I installed it, I only had the option to download a video from YouTube or download FLV player(which I already have). Thanks for the recommendation though! :)
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    Thank you

    Thnak you captain! i've been looking for something like this for ages!!!:apple:
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    Mr Skills

    Is it my imagination or does it often seem harder to find really free software on Windows?
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    Definitely your imagination. There's plenty of silly little apps available for free for Linux and Windows that have to be bought for small shareware fees for a :apple: version.

    Back to the video converting issue, unless the clip is bigger than 100MB, the simplest way is to get it converted at http://www.zamzar.com
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    Your could also purchased a QuickTime Pro license. There's an "Export to iPod" option/settings, nothing could be easier.
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    Does this work for transferring DVD's to iPod format?
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