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Any way to find/sort by missing lyrics?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Julien, Jun 14, 2009.

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    I moved my library to a network server so TuneLyrics will no longer tag my songs. Still have a few thousand that need tagging with lyrics. Is there a way to sort by missing lyrics or better yet is there a way to set up a Smart Play List to do this?

    Also I have a large classical selection not needing lyrics so would like to be able to add genres to the sort too.
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    Thanks, this did the trick however I found a new problem. When the song is playing I can't save any tag info to it. I use an unRAID Linux server and wonder if it protects a file being accessed (played) so it can't be modified? Or is this common on all NAS devices?

    I was going to play song copy/past lyrics from TuneLyrics but I guess I will have to modify my plain.

    Anyone have any suggestions on a way to do this? I have 9346 songs in the playlist (many or most are classical or other not needing tags).

    Also is there a way to modify the scrip (or Playlist) to exclude (or include) certain genres?
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    Found a way to do this by creating a Smart Playlist fist then running the script on that Playlist.;) Now I only have 1898 songs to worry about tagging.:eek:

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