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Any1 Use Xserve @ Home?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Heart Break Kid, May 2, 2004.

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    probably a stupid question...but has anyone used a server as like a really big external hard drive?

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    as cool as having an xserve at home sounds, I don't think having one just for a HD isn't very smart.. you can buy a 1Tb LaCie BiggerDisk for much less and get loads of HD space.

    I guess an xserve would be fine if you were doing movies at home. even then a normal g5 desktop would do the trick. then again, the xserve fits to a very nice space below your desk.
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    Sometimes I feel like wanting an Xserve at home but as just a hard drive it is a bit expensive :D
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    don't xserves sound like roaring jet engines?
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    I can't stand having my iBook's Hard drive spinning when I'm asleep, I don't think I could take an Xserve :D
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    id love to get one just for the cool factor


    on the topic of servers

    i always wanteed to set up a central shared hard drive, that all computers on my network can access.....

    how would i go about doing this?

    and if someone has already done this..can ya upload a pic of what yours looks like?
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    Sound to me that a NAS device is right up your alley.

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    how do you want to do it

    Do you want a PC to serve it, or Mac, or do you want to buy a NAS box to share drives. PC, just share a folder and have a user name and password to get to it. Mac, use SharePoint http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/12512 if you are going to use a regular Mac OS X, otherwise with PC or Mac server you can setup folders for access. Or get a Network Area Storage device, but that could cost some money. Try the SharePoint on your Mac or set up a shared folder on a PC. And done, network storage 101.
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    I'd like to have one for my buisness but as desktop computer, nicely installed on the bottom of my desk, but they have such lousy graphiccard features so I got a normal G5 instead, it would be such a fuzz installing both my screens onto a Xserve
    maybe when I need a highspeed raid I'll get the Xserve Raid hooked-up on my G5 or just buy the G5jam & the ProMax solution + 7 250GB harddrives to feed it to the max ;-)
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    schools use servers for this kind of thing... at least at my school, all applications are installed on some lousy "crash-every-hour" server, and you launch them from different computers... however, when you have a large school, those hard drives quickly become overloaded with requests, hence the crashing...

    in one lab at my school, they have an xserve hooked up to about 30 imacs. this is convenient, but when doing a video editing project (which we often do) we basically have to store on the internal hard drive for it to be usable, which of course defies the point of being able to log in on any computer...
    but then again, they also think that 160GB is enough for about 120 students, 30 of them at a time...

    in the home, your best bet is to outfit an old computer with a network card and new hard drive, and plug it into your router... then you can connect to server to get it as a hard drive on your desktop...

    if you don't want the hassle, there are ethernet hard drives available... here's a report on some ethernet hard drives from a recent episode of call for help... http://www.techtv.com/callforhelp/products/story/0,24330,3677039,00.html

    wow long post...

    back to my essay...

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