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iPad Anyone Else Have this Problem?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by davyvfr, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. davyvfr, Jan 28, 2013
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    I have an iPad 3 and I have scheduled an appointment with a Genius this Friday because of poor Wifi reception and slow download/upload speeds. Many people on Mac Rumors say its my router, which I would like to believe it is, but I can't after spending 9 months trying to fix this problem. (Also, Iphone 5 has a faster download/upload speed than iPad)

    Things I have tried are:

    1) Restore Router to default settings
    2) Enable/Disable QOS, Enable/Disable WMM
    3) Update Router Firmware
    4) Restart Modem/Router
    5) Restore iPad 3 from iTunes new
    6) Reset Network Settings
    7) Tested with different Routers
    8) Changed DNS to Google DNS/Open DNS
    9) Tested on 5GHZ/2.4GHZ band
    10) Compare to iPhone 5, and another iPad 3 (32GB) Cellular BOTH on Wifi (same network and same band) They were faster than my iPad by double
    11) Moved Close to Router, still, iPhone speed doubled
    12) Turn off Bluetooth (reported to fix slow Wifi issues, in my case, it didn't)
    13) Contacted ISP and plugged MacBook in direct connect to achieve 30mbps download, 15mbps upload
    14) Tested iPad on Wireless N/B/G (all poor results)
    15) Hard Reset and iPad Restart
    16) Turn Wifi On/Off
    17) Disable Wifi Security (WPA2) - Slight improvement by 1-2mbps. Not an option to have no security
    18) Tried different router channels instead of autoscan (each one individually, 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ)

    My iPad warranty is just about up in August, and I have finally given up. I was determined to fix this problem but its out of my reach.

    Any more ideas, is there anything I have not tried?

    EDIT: Put down a few more things I tried
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    What version of iOS are you running?
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    Latest, iOS 6.1

    I would also like to mention SpeedTest (which I used to gauge my results) can be inaccurate. I did make sure to do HUNDREDS (yes, that many) test on the SAME server. SpeedTest app for iPhone was downloaded on my iPad 3 for test purposes
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    I didn't even know 6.1 was out until now. I remember when I First got my mini (and also my iPhone 5) iOS 6.0 or 6.01 (can't remember which one), the download speeds were really poor. 6.02 fixed that for me.

    Have you always have had bad download speeds prior to 6.1?

    How are your speeds on a different network? (Someone else's network, public wifi, etc)
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    Public Wifi is really bad. I had bad download speeds since I got the iPad 3, 9 months ago. I just didn't return it because I thought I could fix it.
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    Sounds like you've done all you can. I'd set up an appointment at the Apple store to see what they think. It certainly can't hurt.

    What is your download speeds and upload speeds compared to the other ipad 3 and your iphone too?

    Can you tether your iphone to your ipad? If so, are the tethered download speed on the ipad significantly less than the iphone?
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    Download/Upload speeds on iPhone is 25mbps and that is over 50 feet away from router. iPad 3 (my iPad) manages around 10-12mbps. But, its a spotty connection on my iPad 3 and can't sustain a good internet speed like my iPhone can. I can't tether since it cost money with Verizon Wireless and I only have a 1GB shared data for my phone split between four iPhone 5's in the family. Also, even if I could tether my iPhone to my iPad, it still is a problem since Wifi is the ONLY connectivity option for my iPad.

    My good friends cellular Ipad 3 (32GB) manages 25mbps download. Just like my iPhone
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    Any other suggestions? Does anyone think Apple will replace it?
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    The only person who can answer your question about a replacement is the Apple rep you'll be dealing with.

    Take your 15-point list to your appointment. BTW, do you have any hard evidence on #10 that you can show to Apple?
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    Apple will have wifi in store. They will see in person that your iPhone is faster than your iPad.

    Also, do a speed test on an iPad in store
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    Mainly photos on my iPhone. I can't take my good friends iPad 3 Cellular in so I could just show them mainly my iPhone and they could compare it in store to my iPad 3 Wifi.
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    Photos should work. Hope you get a replacement that resolves the issues. Stuff like that can drive you nutty.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks. I will post here what happens on Friday at the Apple Store.

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