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Anyone getting jerky scrolling? NPR app, Zinio...

Discussion in 'iPad' started by gwynne, Apr 13, 2010.

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    I've been hoping this was my imagination for a while, but it's been getting worse.

    It started with a crappy little app called Celebrity Gossip, scrolling down, which had been formerly smooth as silk, started getting jerky a few days ago. I figured it was because it was, after all, kind of a junk app with a disproportionately large amount of content in one scroll space.

    Then it started happening in the preview/magazine covers section of Zinio.

    Now it's happening on the main side-scrolling elements of NPR.

    I've restarted the iPad, deleted and reinstalled the apps, made sure I don't have a zillion Safari tabs open, etc. No love. If you scroll very, very slowly it doesn't happen, but any natural scrolling speed results in two 'stutters' on a typical swipe.

    This is a 16gb unit and I haven't installed many apps or media; I still have over 10gb free.

    Anyone else seeing this?

    I'm thinking of doing a hard reset and starting from scratch, much as I don't look forward to re-syncing all my .cbr files. But if it goes back to smooth scrolling, and other people aren't seeing this, and it goes back to jerky once I have my former amount of apps installed, I may hit the Apple store. It's one of those things that once you notice it's happening drives you nuts.
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    Zinio did the same with my iPad. It's the App or at least I think it was b/c I have not experienced that occur with any other Apps.

    It was so bad I deleted the App.
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    I have seen jerking sideways scrolling in the NPR app. But it is the only one that does that, and it has done it since I got it, when the iPad was brand new (oh so many days ago). So I blame the app.

    Does anyone not have jerky sideways scrolling in the NPR app? (One nice side benefit of standardized hardware -- we're not posting firmware and driver version numbers.)
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    Hum. Now I'm wondering if Zinio and NPR always did it, and I just didn't notice because I hadn't spent as much time on those apps. And it *doesn't* happen on other apps (yet), such as long web pages on Safari. Whatever the case, I'd be happy to blame it on the apps. Guess we'll see. Thanks for the feedback so far.
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    I have not had any of that behavior on my iPad and I have those apps plus an iPad 16gb too. Interesting.
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    Dang it. Well, gonna do a restore a bit later, will report back.
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    On a clean firmware restore (but not settings/content), the three listed apps are still jerky in exactly the same way. Ah well.
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    No I notice the same thing in both those same apps, i wish they would update zinio as it bugs me a lot
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    I had been hoping Zinio's update today would mean a little better performance, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

    I'm trying to just be happy that a) It wasn't like I was actually buying any Zinio magazines thus far, b) the individual NPR articles are fine (including scrolling down in text articles), and c) reading trashy gossip is probably bad for me in some vague, karmic way.
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    For the same reason large web pages don't always load, apps are probably bumping up against the iPad's internal memory limits. The A4's graphic section may simply get distracted or borrowed when system memory has to be shuffled. In other words, Apple should have put more memory inside than the iPhone has.. The bigger screen requires more than 5 times as much memory to map as the iPhone/Touch.
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    Yup. May also be worth force-quitting Safari and trying again with only 1 tab open.
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    Zinio always did this for me. It's the apps not the iPad.
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    What about the flick into Spotlight? Is anyone else seeing very jerky animation to the Spotlight page?
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    Lots of apps do it on my iPad. NPR to some extent, Twitteriffic is probably the worst and most noticeable. Safari is fairly smooth but depending on the page can also do it.
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    Have seen this too. Also seeing more crashes opening any app but after relaunching, works ok.
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    I know what you are talking about now and I experience this in the gossip app and I think one other app. It's not your iPad but the app itself as the others stated earlier. Doesn't bother me though.
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    Well, it seems pretty common, so hoping the apps will just get optimized as time goes on.

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