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Anyone have a nano 6G and remote headphones?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ftaok, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I've been looking to get this question answered regarding the use of remote headphones and the nano 6G. I like to run with my nano (when I'm not injured) and using the Nike+ workouts is a little difficult to operate safely. I have my sleep/wake button set to skip tracks on a double tap and I like that set up.

    My problem is that when I finish my run, I need to single tap to wake the screen, tap the screen/swipe the screen once to bring up the pause button, tap pause again to end the workout. That last tap needs to be precise since it can be difficult to hit the button exactly while cooling down.

    I saw the iLuv remote adapter that adds buttons to any headphones. It's got dedicated volume buttons as well as a multi-function button. Single/Double/Triple taps are used for skip forward/skip back/pause. I'm wondering if the pause can be used in conjunction with Nike+ to end workouts.

    Anyone have any experience or alternative ways to easily end workouts?


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    I've answered my own question on this one. In case others are interested ...

    The iLuv remote adapter for iPods will indeed work with the nano 6G. The single/double/triple tap works fine. Also, when running with the nano, the single tap works as a pause, thus it will pause a Nike+ running (or Heart Rate) workout.

    After I did some more research on this, I think most remote headphones work this way with the single/double/triple tap. So those integrated headphones should work too. If/when this iLuv breaks, I think I'm gonna grab a set of the Sony remote earbuds.


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