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Anyone recognize this font?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by p0intblank, Oct 11, 2005.

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    I am redesigning this logo for a company and need to know the font that is used. I asked, but they aren't sure yet and might have the answer later. I would like to finish this as soon as possible, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Please, for the sake of humanity don't proliferate that font. :eek:
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    *uses Dictionary* Multiply it? What do you mean? Anyway, I think the font name is Usuzi. It's modified so this is gonna take a while.
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    I hope you're whacking the crap out of that logo. no offense to your clients. but ick.
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    They need me to redesign it to a better resolution. So I have nothing to do with the actual design. :p So shhh, don't tell them! ;)
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    Mr. Anderson


    If you're redesigning it, use something else.

    As for what it is, the 'P' in Pro is not the font and the rest looks a lot like Ethnocentric - although not exact.


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    I didn't really mean redesign... that was bad on my part. They just need me to go over it, as in tracing and whatever else is required, to get to a much better resolution. I'm almost done with it.
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    I could have sworn that font was called Pwnd. Oh, wait, no that's what you will be if you use it. :eek: ;) :D
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    ah yes, you're rebuilding the logo. One of my least favorite tasks, because, I'm a logo snob and I always want to "fix" them. Aetna's was the worst, it's like a little man throwing pee. (I should note that they weren't the client... i'm not like, good or anything)

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    Yes, I'm rebuilding it. :) It may not be the best logo out there, but I'm being paid $40 for this.
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    What the font?

    Any time you need to find out the name of a font just make a low res file sample and upload it it http://www.whatthefont.com. Has always worked really well for me.
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    That's the NASA font or a clone. Look around for the freeware Nasalization font -- it's almost identical, but the O and R have been modified. (but only in the company name, the smaller lettering looks unmodified)
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    It was indeed that font. They e-mailed me later on letting me know. Thanks for the help guys, the logo is finished. It may not be the best designed logo, but remember: all I did was rebuild it. ;) And plus, they paid me for it. What more can I ask for? :D
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    More than $40 next time, I hope. :rolleyes:

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