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Anyone see this bug?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Aj2488, Apr 30, 2009.

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    When I'm on a phone call and receive a text this is what always happens. I'll be talking and receive the text, as soon as my conversation is done with instead of hanging up form the call, I'll hit the "reply" button to respond to the text. By hitting reply and not hitting the "end call" button the phone puts the green "return to call" bar on top of the phone's screen so as soon as the other party hangs up I get this black bar. The black bar will remain in all of my text message windows until I hold the home and sleep/wake buttons to reset the phone completely. Sorry for that description but I hope it makes sense. Attached is a picture of the black bar.... anyone else see this? I'm also running 2.2.1

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    If I were you, I would try out two things:
    1- Download an anti-virus.
    2- Format the iphone.
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    By format you mean restore?
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    Please tell me the anti-virus was a joke...lol.
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    Haha, kinda what I figured.... seriously though, have either of you seen this before? It's not that big of a deal, just more of a pain in the ars.
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    Just got mine today, ATT's damn IVR is down...so no activation yet! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    When I pay $200 for the phone, $15 for overnight shipping, $36 for activation, and $100 for a contract I EXPECT it to work.

    I'm going to ask for a credit on my account after all this...I'll go back to Verizon otherwise.

    In any case, once I get up and running I'll test the bug and see if it happens to me...
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    Sorry to hear that Cole, I expect the same from any product especially with the premium that seems to come with the iPhone. Thanks for checking into that black bar, hopefully you don't experience it. Good luck with the activation process!
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    It happens to me all the time. Yesterday i was talking on the phone and hit the home button to get a number out of an email. After i hung up i still had the green line (like the black one) saying call in progress for 9:07 minutes. It would be like that every time i opened my email until i finally restarted my phone. I figured it was part of being JB, but if you're not JB then its probably a bug.
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    I used to have that, around a couple of times a month.

    Once I got in the habit of restarting my iPhone once every day it died out though.
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    Sorry to hear you have the same problem but it is good to know that someone else has seen the same thing. My phone is not JB and never has been.

    Thanks for the tip, I think I'll restore the phone and start resetting it everyday to avoid this.

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