Apogee Duet Worth Fixing?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by whatthefolk, Aug 10, 2012.

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    I've had my Apogee Duet for 3 years and it just stopped working. When I connect it to my MacBook, all of the lights on the unit will remain lit, but will not respond to my Mac at all. I've tried a different firewire cable, but it still will not function.

    I've contacted Apogee Tech Support and they've stated that it may be the firewire circuitry which will require service. Since my warranty has expired, there will be a $75 diagnostics fee, which I assume, doesn't include the actual repair.

    I've also been experiencing a couple other issues with the Duet for a while, so I am wondering if it will be worth moving forward with the service, or should I just sell it as-is and let the buyer deal with it?
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    Sorry for asking, but have you pushed and held the dial down? I need to do that every time i use mine.
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    Yes, I've tried just about everything.

    Maestro won't even pop-up when I connect my Duet.
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    Repairing it will be cheaper than replacing it. If you want a working duet then get it fixed. I don't like the single knob user interface but if yu do then send it in.
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    Unless you plan on upgrading to the next level, I'd say repair it.

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