Resolved app rejected, require a video. [update: unrejected]

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  1. ChristianJapan, Sep 2, 2013
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    Hmm, got my little "simple" app rejected with the comment they need a video demontrating the app.cant remember read that in the guidelines ...:mad:

    Two questions:
    1) Is that common ?
    2) is there a good way for video-capture without JB or external VGA recorder ?

    Or do I really need to put my video camera on the tripod and make a video ?
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    I did a video screen capture off of the iOS Simulator window on my Mac, with a really sloppy amateur voice-over; and that was enough to get the app approved.

    My guess was that the reviewer didn't play any musical instruments, and thus needed to be shown someone playing a few notes or something.
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    Did a quick "iPad record iPad" video ... Poor quality but hopefully enough for the review. Let see what next they will find.

    It's my first app made it that far. Are they coming issue by issue or do they send a list of stuff to be fixed at once ?
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    If you have an iPad and iPhone, one device recording the other, and upped to Youtube is ok.
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    Duncan C

    Required a video? Odd. I've never seen that or even heard of it until now. Your app is a musical instrument?

    I guess if the tester can't figure out how to work the UI then they need a video to understand how it works.
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    No music; a monitoring app for "Folding@Home" clients ... Agree, maybe a more specialized app but a very simple UI.
    Even with my video it got rejected again; just wrote to the review board. Not a happy camper right now. :mad:
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    Duncan C

    Folding@home, the distributed protein folding app, cousin of SETI@home?
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    Yes; folding terestic proteins; after SETI send us some alien proteins I'm sure we fold them too ;)

    The submitted app is to remote control the clients from iPad while away from the systems assigned to folding tasks.
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    What was the latest reason for rejection?
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    Latest reason: supposed to be an in-house app only for member of my organization. I think they did not get the meaning of "donor" which I used in the description. So I rephrased in the appeal and explain more.
    In addition they suggested use of HTML which would not work with upcoming ideas of iCloud integration and enhanced visualization. Also the used 3rd party API might not work well that way.
    Let see how it goes ...
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    This morning I woke up and a notification popped up on my iPad saying: processing for App Store
    Can't wait until iTunesConnect is back from maintenance to read what they wrote

    Happy camper now

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