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App Store Gifting Returns to iOS Devices

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 14, 2012.

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    With the launch of iOS 6, users lost the ability to gift apps to others directly from the App Store, with users required to turn to the desktop version of iTunes if they wished to send an app gift. But as noted by iFun [Google translation], Apple has now quietly updated the share button in the iOS 6 App Store to include the option to gift paid apps.

    Not only are users once again able to gift apps, but they can now schedule delivery of their gifts, up to 90 days in the future.


    Article Link: App Store Gifting Returns to iOS Devices
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    Yea! Woo-Hoo! Whoopie!
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    #2 post =). I now can spend my apple gift card i got for christmas 2 years ago, on people this year :)
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    But does it FINALLY use your store credit/gift cards to gift to others? Every time I gift an app or music, it charges my credit card instead of the credit I already have on the account. Lame.
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    Glad I did not upgrade to iOS 6. Clearly a lot of loose ends for Apple to wrap up.
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    Oh yes clearly. Cause, you know, gifting apps is a MUST HAVE feature. /sarcasm
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    Jessica Lares

    You actually can't gift apps with allowances/gift certificates.
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    How does it handle if you give an app but that user already has it? Does it know that and give a warning, or does it give the user the option to use the money to buy something else? Or is the gift just wasted? That's the main thing that has kept me from ever giving apps as gifts.
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    The share button on my iPhone 5 app store only works 1 in 15 times. I usually have to go to a different app then come back to the app to get it to drop down.


    Stick with 5 until the maps are fixed.
    Yes gifting is a good feature I was looking for shortly after upgrading.
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    Why am I getting this error ? http://lockerz.com/s/268925707
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    That's nice, but i still want to be able to gift apps to my family (parents and grandparents) using my itunes credit.


    I just tried this with a current app i own; the share link (for any of them) wasn't working. For an app I didn't own it worked fine.
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    Why can't we do this on the Mac App Store...?

    I want to buy Logic for somebody...annoying :)
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    -.-''' seriously... thats upsetting :\
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    You realize Google has released a Google Maps upgrade which is a definite improvement on iOS 5's maps? Honestly, I haven't had an issue with Apple Maps yet, but I downloaded Google Maps just for incase I ever discover something isn't working with Apple Maps.
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    No but will Siri and other apps link to Google Maps?
    If you click on an address in an email or contacts does it open the Google Maps?

    Nope and Nope
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    You can copy and paste into Google Maps, or actually select Google Maps from Apple Maps to reroute you and use the Google Maps app instead that way.

    Sure, it's not integrated, but if you wait for that to happen or for Apple Maps to significantly improve, it's going to take a long time, which kind of makes it a little pointless to wait that kind of stuff out.


    Never understood that restriction--it's a rather bad one too.
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    Can you gift apps to someone with an Apple ID based in another country than yours?
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    It looks like you can't gift apps with itunes store credit though.
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    glad it is back...wonder why they removed it?
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    i'm glad it came back, but i wonder what calculation and evaluation went into by the apples thinkers to yanked it out. I dont think any sane guy or any amount logical thinking would ever come to decision of removing such a feature.

    It all seems that one day someone at Apple got up and thought lets do some editing. just like i do once in while with icons on my desktop. drag them to the trash!
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    Santa Clause has it hard enough.
    Last thing he needs is spending more time hand delivering gift apps, then getting lost because of Maps.

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    Security flaw: I can send gifts without it asking for password...

    Who's to say someone doesn't just gift themselves a ton of apps.
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    You can just send me a check or iTunes gift card. :)
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    I don't see it on my iPad???? Maybe only certain people are special enough to be allowed to gift?
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    It's not the same.
    That’s like saying here is cash. I wasn’t thoughtful enough to pick something out for you. ;)

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