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Apple Ad?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. arn
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    daNYC writes with this:

    New York Times Business Day section C7. There's an unusual full page ad for Apple. I suspect it\'s a tribute to Jay Chiat. The only text is in the top right hand corner \"Think Different\", with the Apple logo. And then there\'s an executive type with white hair sitting in a chair laughing. I think it must be Jay.

    Can anyone confirm? Scan?
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    I dont get the New York Times!

    I only get my local "Desert Sun" :D
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    Ensign Paris

    I really hope this is the return of "Think Different" I love that campaign!

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    I don't think Apple has any intention of getting rid of the 'Think Different' slogan, I believe that the 'Everything is easier' campaign is directed at consumers who are looking for their first home machine, or people who are considering maybe a mac, but believe the hype that you can't do anything with them.... and are scared off....

    Alot of consumers don't want to be 'Different' they want to know that the mac is capable of doing everything a PC can do...... the 'Everything' campaign I believe is targeted at these kind of buyers, and is there for reassurance that mac is the superior platform..... and can do everything a PC can......

    But if it is Jay Chiat in the advertisment, I think he's more than deserving of his place in the pantheon of Great People featured throughout Apple 'Think Different' campaigns!!!
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    Does anyone have the ad?

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    Of course this is a tribute to Mr. Chiat, who passed away a few days ago. He came up with the "Think Different" line. (Which I believe has rightfully passed into history).
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    hey mysticdp

    good to see that we've got yet another Victorian joining the forum... We've got 5 victorians here now...

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    I don't want to get off topic, but who are they?

    You, Me, mysticdp and...? (No offense intended to those I can't remember, I don't have a good mind for these sorts of things)

    OK, getting back on topic. I know he he did the 1984 ad, but I didn't realise he came up with Think Different (did he?) Either way, it's great to see Apple pay tribute in that way (if it is in fact him...)
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    Victorian - somone who is from Victoria. look at the "location." it's not fancy lingo this time . . . :p
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    oops - you said WHO are they, not WHAT are they. Yikes, I feel like an idiot now, Sorry folks.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Is someone going to post the ad, or am I going to have to go out and spend money on the paper. If I do, I'll take a picture of it with my DC and post it myself.
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    Here's The AD

    Found the Ad and here's at least half

    Think Different was a great way of promoting Apple. They should keep it and add to this by having be more in your face info on what a mac computer can do.
    I saw an magazine ad of the new Imac that say something like - It can do Video, It can do Photos, It can do the web.. I dont remember the exact wording but that's what we need the PC Wennies to realize that MAC is better at doing everything from video, design to office application use.

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    Mr. Anderson

    That's a very cool ad. Its all a picture, huh? Nice touch. But maybe they should have mentioned something about JayChiat, because like so many of Apples ads, they can be a little obscure or cerebral.

    Most people won't get it, so it lessens the tribute. But hey, glad they did it anyway.:D
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    Re: oops

    LOL... You sure made yourself look like an idiot, too! :D I know what a Victorian is.. I am one! He he he... :)
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    I did a Google Image search for Jay Chiat. Is it him in the Apple ad? You decide!
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    I've always enjoyed the obscurity of the Think Different campaign. It's a way of reaching out to people more personally. There is something rewarding about seeing a person that you admire, but others might not know about plastered on a building or in a magazine. It's Apple's way of saying "*wink,wink* we understand."

    I think it is a particularly nice in this treatment - those who know Chiat and are mourning his loss will appreciate seeing his face, and also appreciate the private and personal acknowledgement that the unmarked picture allows for.
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    It's not really an ad is it........

    I like the way it doesn't mention who the person is, those that knew him, or repsected him are the ones who'll see it, and know, and appreciate it...... maybe even bring a smile........

    Those that aren't aware who he is, it'll just ease over their heads without any undue attention as to who he was or what he did......

    However you see it though, it's extremely poignant, and respectful....... and certainly shows Apples respect for how he played his part in what they have become......
  18. arn
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    pretty sure it's him....

    here's a photo of him


    remember... not all the photos that pop up on the google search are of him. The link above, though, is

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    Mr. Anderson

    Do a little experiment. Go buy a paper and show the ad to some of your coworkers or friends and ask them what they think. I'd be curious as to what they say. I'm going to try that here. And I'll post the responses.
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    I think it's perfect. No words are necessary.

    It will only have meaning to those that understand who he was, and trying to explain this to those who don't would only ruin the effect and tribute.


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    I can't get todays New York Times...... :(

    However I'm going to show the image posted above it to my friends, (non Apple users and non Ad friends...). to see what they think.......

    I suspect they'll go..... "Who's he???" :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    So I went out and got the NY Times, looked in the Business Day Section on C7 - nada. It seems the ad only ran in the NY paper, I have the Washington version. I then spent the next few minutes looking through the whole paper, nothing. Bastards.

    Some one take a digital image of the whole ad if they can.

  23. arn
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    I think it was yesterday's paper.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, that explains a lot. If I had just spent the time looking through the paper and not just buying it I would have saved my self some time and money. I can't beleive how much the NYTimes is when you don't buy it in NY.

    Now how do I get my $1.05 back.....

    making up for my mis-post on the other forum, I'll edit this one in response to iGav below

    I'd be really curious to know how much the NYTimes is in London, you got a number handy?

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    You ought to see how expensive the NY Times is here in London......:eek:

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