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Apple Adds App Store Support for More Countries

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Apple today announced that it has added App Store support for a number of new countries, with developers able to update their offerings accordingly via Apple's iTunes Connect service.
    In addition to allowing developers to manually update country-by-country availability for their applications, iTunes Connect allows developers to automatically have their applications added to new countries' App Stores. Paid applications do, however, require that the developer sign contracts for new countries before the applications can appear.

    Article Link: Apple Adds App Store Support for More Countries
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    Nice, lets see how many sales in Madagascar we can get :)
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    Quite a lot of us own Apple products in Madagascar; we have an Apple store in Antananarivo, as well. You'd be surprised. Have you visited SW Africa?

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  4. jo0
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    you're not fooling anyone...;)
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    ...but you must say the photo is awesome! Better than staring at a Mac screen, lol. Well, almost as good.

    Greetings to everyone in Madagascar, I wish one day to visit the beautiful island.
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    uganda? no thanks and unchecked from iTunes connect. that government needs to be focusing on some serious social growth before worrying about getting an app store. i wonder if the ugandan government will prosecute those who download gay-themed apps along with the others for so-called "attempted homosexuality". :mad:

    why did apple sponsor "no to prop 8" in california but give uganda an app store? what a joke!

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