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    Apr 12, 2001
    It's good to see Apple so pro-gaming...

    Apple posted this page about their presence at QuakeCon 2001:

    Apple will be at the show supporting Quake III Team Arena on Mac OS X, running both open game play and official Team Tournaments on blazing fast dual 800MHz Power Mac G4s utilizing NVIDIA’s newest graphics accelerator, the GeForce 3.

    As posted before - id will be announcing new games at QuakeCon.
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    Apr 9, 2001

    this will probably be the first time anyone will see Quake running on a Dual 800.

    Quake utilizes the dual processors... so it should be an impressive thing to see...

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    Re: speed

    But will iD FINALLY release an altivec enabled q3? Dual processor q3 is pne thing, but ids graeme devine mumbled smething months ago about 'almost completing' a fully altivec enabled build. Since then it all went quiet with the blame attatched to metroworks compiler, but that bugs been squashed So maybe we will see a super speeeeedy dual altivec q3!
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    Don't think so....

    Don't Xpect QIII to be aaaallll that more speedy just because of Altivec....
    Maybe 10% but not 50% or something...
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    Jun 4, 2000
    Alexandria, VA
    id (Divine?) made some comment over a year ago saying that the AltiVec QIII version was 50-70% faster than the regular Mac version--which is why everyone was so stunned.

    Have we seen it? Nope...

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    indeed he did. (yep it was devine - hes been doing the Mac dabbling over at id ). He did make some daft claim about it being a lot faster with altivec enabled, but went quiet due to a problem with metroworks compiller that , well, wouldnt compile! thats since been fixed but no point release has been made available since then ( about 4 months back..). I wouldnt be surprised if it is released then, and I wouldnt be surprised if teh speed increases arent THAT great. However, judging by the increases apple seems to ring out of altivec, who knows? :) (i think if graeme does manage a big fps boost , he'll never have to buy himself a beer again! :) )

    Blake - I read a post that JC made about doom3 getting around 30fps on a curent top of the line pc with gf3 - thats their working target. Ouch! Know anything about the lie of the land with regards to future iD mac games? ie - are they to be written in OGL to take advantage of the gf3 hardware? or are they to be a dx8 port? And what about the radeon ][ which would appear to be a gf3 wacker judging by the japanese mpegs Ive just seen....

    in fact - how do iD see the future of mac gaming - they were very supportive with q3 (more so than Epic..... ) but were they pleased with sales/ user response?
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    May 9, 2001
    I now nothing about Quake. The only thing I can figure out about using a mac for games is because they (the games) really use every single processing in the machine. Still, nothing (this is personal) like an Atari ST game I had called " Carrier Strike Mission", that was a blast, I remember my friends (in case you where too young at the time) with their monocrome, black and green pc's, against my 256 colors & sound mopnitor & machine with integrated midi connections... and with internal rom!!! those times where we used Degas Elite, eges before Photoshop came out. That was something.
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    May 12, 2001

    You guys still on about Quake 3? See thats what I meant. Quake 3 is Macintoshes only titles worth boasting about. It is the end all title.

    - Bah humbug

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    May 9, 2001
    I'm with you

    Mac is so behind with computer games but no one want's to face it.
    A game like Quake, Mech Warrior, etc. are like a interactive benchmark soft.
    Kela, remember that most of the people that have a Mac are too proud to face the fact that their $2000 machine is not the optimum platform for gaming. It does the job well and that's it.
    PC's have more variety (and conflicts) too, but the best deal are Play Station's or Nintendo's. Dedicated machines for the job.
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    Re: I'm with you


    Not so. Ahem. I know of very few top level UK gamers that use a console for any more than recreational gaming. I consider money spent on a ps2, money better spent on a new GPU. If I want to play competitive team / online games I play on a computer, if only because the input devices are way better. My mac does teh job in UT and it also does teh job at work! :) . Im actually pretty interested in new quake updates - I dont want 200 fps whilst looking at a wall - but I DO want 60fps whilst in a solid action. A dual processor machine hopefully wont bog down as much...
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    Jul 4, 2001
    1 Block away from NYC.
    You guys need new games!

    U need new games guys! Quake STill! It's a Good game but STILL?
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    Oh, stop being such wet blankets. If you aren't at least interested in Mac games, don't look at the damn thread. Frankly, I think it's great news that Apple is going to the Con. Apple used to stick up its nose at gaming. The current activities suggest a good trend at the very least. Plus possible Altivec support from iD? Cool!

    Also, agree with Pants. Consoles are not the end-all of gaming, and are not even necessarily a good deal for gaming. It depends what kind of games you want to play. Wake me up when WWII Online makes it to the PS2. Hell, wake me up when WWII Online works on the PC/Mac, but that's a different discussion. ;)
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    Apr 26, 2001

    I like to see macs improve in gaming, and i would like to see a dual 800 in Quake 3 should be impressive. But there do need to be more games available for the mac, My pc can do things things that my mac just cannot :(
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    May 9, 2001
    I'm just afraid that Apple is doing so many things at same time that becomes dangerous to the firm to make any mistake. They are dealing with:
    -games (more than ever),
    -OS X,
    -the G4 chips that doesn't reach the 1GHz yet,
    -the cube was out because it didn't work,
    -the PB G4 without CD burning yet or any other expansion slot (zip, superdrive, etc). May be they figure out that if you are gonna carrie the expansion you can carry the original unit too.
    -iMacs without flat screen, same model again.
    -PDA or PDA not.
    -besides a recession is coming up to the US.

    ...they are really going all the way, are they?
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    Jul 4, 2001
    1 Block away from NYC.
    Apple is there cause of publicity

    Apple NEEDS to get into gaming! Apple has been everything but games for the last 5 year's. IT is good news, but apple needs to Really get into gaming. I saw blizzard at the keynote, But no Stand, or person saying it was coming. And what game anoncements where there? Tony Hawk was Released, oh wait that was 9 months after the Pc version came out. Not many games came out. This is apple's responce to people saying that apple isn't into gaming!
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    May 9, 2001

    What I can see is that Apple is going strait to the new generations. Their target audience is not the same graphic designer or musician as used to be. And is a good movement. It is better to have costumers since primary school rather than make and adult to change platforms.

    There never was anything atractive in Apple computers for early teenagers. Just a friendly interface and may be SimmCity or Out of This World, while you had Doom on PC's or Harry (do you remember that one?).

    They are pointing that way I think. If Apple move to games... in 2 more generations of computers they can rule the market.

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