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Apple Case Alternative?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by bunger, May 27, 2010.

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    I have had the Apple case since its release and really don't like it. It shows every dirt smudge, the portrait stands pretty much sucks, and the landscape stand is extremely tippy.

    I would like an alternative that isn't too expensive ( $50 or less ), but functions similar to the Apple case... just better. :) I don't really want a leather case either...

    Does anyone have direct experience with a better case?

    thanks in advance!
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    Is there a lack of responses because there just aren't many other cases in peoples' hands?
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    I'm not aware of any case with the same form factor as the Apple case with the same functionality.

    Sure there are lots and lots of cases that make the ipad nearly double its size but none provide the feature set of the apple case and slim profile.
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    I've ordered a dodocase..

    Basically a moleskin looking book, with a bamboo tray to hold your ipad and moleskin look and feel book around it.. http://www.dodocase.com

    Will take probably a month to two months to arrive but will be worth it.. In the meantime. I'll be picking up an apple case or whatever else might be in the store tomorrow instead as I totally forgot to order a case for it ;)
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    Yep - Macally is not too bad. I saw one in person and was able to compare it a bit to the Apple case. If I was not able to get the Apple one this would be a good option - albeit I don't think its work any more $ than the apple case.
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    I wish I could give you a referral credit or something. LOL That looks EXACTLY like what I've been looking for. Just ordered it from Amazon for $38. :)
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    Glad to be of service. Enjoy the case.

    Cheers :)
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    To the person who has both side by side -- how much larger does the Mcally make the pad vs the Apple Case.
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    I think they are actually the same. Keep in mind though that the Macally case exposes more of the iPad. Whereas, the Apple case has everything covered except for the cut-outs that allow easy access to the several buttons and speakers.

    This video will answer your question. It's not my video but I am sure you will find it helpful.

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    I've got both as well and honestly prefer the Apple case, but keep using the McAlly because it does seem to stand more sturdy, in any locked position, especially when you lock in the strap.

    As to the size difference it's very minor, almost negligible, but it is just slightly thicker overall that the Apple case. Part of it is the strap which has it's merits most of the time.
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    Thanks Guys -

    I remembered this thread - it appears to have the good/bad and Ugly.

    For folks thinking about this case this thread has some good info.


    For me I finally broke down and ordered another Apple case -- 3+ weeks wait but I have been using them on my other pad's for a while and really love the form factor and functionality.
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    oops.. sorry...
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    Speaking of what I think is the best usable case for the Ipad - Namely best in Form factor, protection (compared to other's in its class) and usability.

    I was considering something else for my new pad's due to the long wait times for the Apple case. I made a well placed call and was able to score enough of to outfit my suite.

    Note - While picking up the Apple cases I spoke with someone who had the Mcally on hand with Ipad and like some others have reported his is falling apart at the seams. It does not appear to happen to all of these but this particular user travels quite a bit and said it was great for the first couple of weeks but then started to separate.

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    No experience of it yet, but I've ordered an apple-alike folio case from iKit. Wasn't too impressed with the apple one in terms of the material quality, but liked the stand idea.
    Been shipped, but I'm in the UK, and thought I'd get the ipad when the case arrives! 
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    http://www.ikit.com/index.php/cases/ipad-leather-folio-case.html $40 plus $5 flat rate international shipping for me.

    uh. Yeah. It's leather; don't know if the OP's objection is the material or presumed style.
    On the plus side; supposedly comes with a screen protector! Two "colours" ( grey is a colour!  )
    I expect to be happy with it; the iPad will have a fairly permanent home on the coffee table (predictable stereotype?) so the stand and smartness are the main concerns.
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    go to ilounge, they had a whole line-up with different sections for different types of cases socks, bags etc. etc.
    I've used three now for some prolonged time and have to say the Apple case suits my needs for a slim protective case best.
    Othercases where bulky and/or let the iPad slip out way to easily.
    And the Apple case is not too slippery, it has a good grip.
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    Nothing compares to the Apple in terms of functionality + thinness, not even the Macally. I like the Macally the most from what I've seen of third-party cases, but none of the edges are protected, and that's the place where you're most likely to hurt the iPad. I like the Apple case's beefed up edges with the flappy bits.

    Oh well... I'll continue to wait for an Apple-case beater.
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    I've used the Apple cas since launch up until about a week ago when my Macally came in.

    The Apple case is very thin, provides decent protection, and the landscape typing position is very good. On the other hand, i don't care for the material, it screams "I have an iPad here!" it catches dust and hair around the screen edges (two dogs, one of whom sheds) and it is very easy to get dirty and not so easy to clean.

    The Macally has a better line (IMHO), better positions for both typing and viewing when standing and just feels better when carrying t around. As someone said, it offers little protection other than the corners, and the build quality feels questionable at best to me.

    I bt the bullet and ordered a Vaja Agenda the other day. I will probably stick with he Macally until it arrives, or the Macally falls apart, whichever comes first. I'm optimistic that the Vaja, though expensive, will have the great quality that Vaja is known for and outlast other cases, making it worth the cost in the long run.
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    I have both the MacAlly case and the Apple case, and I MUCH prefer the Apple. The MacAlly's front flap is too floppy, and loose at the edge that forms the hinge. The front flap won't stay in place when folded back under unless you insert that closing strap. Unlike some others here, I much prefer the feel of the Apple case, which provides more grip than the MacAlly. The Apple case protects the iPad edges better, and is as slim as anything I've seen. I also like how the front flap rests on the edge of the case that surrounds the screen, and never touches the actual screen (unless you're applying pressure). The Apple case is very close to perfect, IMO.
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    Do you like the "covered speaker" feechur? ;)
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    Griffin elan

    I realize that there are those who may not like this folio but I absolutely love it. Previously I have used (listed in order) a crocheted bag I made myself, one of those rubber like skins, a leather handbag and most recently Griffins élan portfolio. The skin, in time, became loose at the edges so I removed it. I still use the crocheted bag and leather handbag but wanted something to replace the skin (which I also used with the bags) to protect the case while I was using the iPad. Griffin's folio not only protects the back but, like other folio cases, covers the screen when the iPad is not in use and the flap folds back to function as an easel. I only paid a little over $32, total with free shipping, and consider it a bargain.
    Yes, I have and use multiple bags . . . Maybe it's a "woman thing" :p
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    This feature, in my opinion, is the case's downfall. One of the reasons why I opted for the Macally. I love the newsy app for iPad. But when I had my iPad in the Apple case, I kept thinking the volume was on low when actually it was the case and its lack of speaker cut-outs that significantly decreased the volume.

    I do not understand why Apple would not have proper cut-outs for the speakers.

    I notice that you cut out some parts of the case. Has it worked for you? Do you suggest cutting some slots for the speakers?
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    I don't think there are many case choices in the UK just yet as of now. I'm travelling to Europe next week so I might just get Apple's official iPad case for now.

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