Apple Compiles iOS Development Resources in New 'Designing Great Apps' Hub

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Apple is making it easier for developers to find the resources they need when designing their iOS apps. The company added a new "Designing Great Apps" hub to its developer website that includes both videos and documentation on iOS user interface design, transitioning to iOS 7 and more.
    The content in this section is a compilation of existing material that Apple pulled together specifically for its developers. The documentation is available to read without restriction, while videos, which are pulled from previous WWDC developer sessions and iOS 7 Tech Talks, require a developer account to watch.

    Quality apps are the hallmark of the iOS App Store, which had over one million iPhone apps and over 500,000 native iPad apps as of January 2014. iOS owners are active in the App Store, spending over $1 billion and downloading almost three billion apps in December 2013 alone.

    Article Link: Apple Compiles iOS Development Resources in New 'Designing Great Apps' Hub
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    Jan 20, 2014
    I hope someone does a "Designing Great Operating Systems" for Apple.
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    Hopefully, they'll urge developers to avoid basing their apps on birds, blocky graphics, and utterly inane gameplay. [​IMG]
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    Yup, I think they gave too much control to a person or department that leaned too far to one side. The contrast in the image you posted is just terrible, but clearly whomever designed it likes it. Usability testing should've caught that, and a higher bar of standard. This basic type of stuff should never get past Tim Cook.
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    What we need is legacy support back to OS9 and across to MacOSX so that all apps and data can be accessed on all hardware as appropriate.
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Seriously, and it's not like you'd even consciously notice a 1 pixel black outline around the text, it'd still look flat, and it'd be easier to read.


    You're joking, right?
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    So I watched the 1hr+ video on how developers should design their apps (won't even start on why this is a bad idea)... They literally just use stock apple apps as examples as what to do.

    Copy ios7 is the big reveal here. Amazing /s
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    Dec 5, 2012
    I know! A ton of the top free apps are flappy bird clones... DRIVING ME NUTS.
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    Mar 18, 2014

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