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Apple Computer Recycling Program

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Apple announced that they had expanded their recycling program by now offering free computer take-back and recycling with any purchase of a new Mac starting in June.

    U.S. customers purchasing through Apple's online store or retail store will receive free shipping and environmentally friendly disposal of their old computer.

    Apple had previously announced an iPod recycling program in 2005.
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    Mac Fly (film)

    Apple. As green as a Granny Smith:D
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    This is a great program... It's getting harder to dispose of old computer equipment. Our local garbage won't take a computer or monitor. You have to pay a recycling fee and take the computer to the dump.
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    Nice to see a Fortune 500 company taking some environmental initiative. I was just reading "The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power" which talks about corporations and environmental concerns. Quite interesting.
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    Good idea for them to finally do this.
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    And, of course, there's negative ratings. Who would rate this negative?

    Probably someone who wants Apple to pay them for their computer.
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    You want rid of your old computer...send it my way!
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    Nice to see initiative. My next Macbook Pro will be green :D
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    Even an non-Mac? ;)
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    Who would throw away a computer? And yep, this program would be nice if they bought them off of you. Maybe you people should call some schools in your area. I bet they would love to come pick them up from you. There is also the united way, toys for totts, salvation army... all of which will come to your house and pick them up. Think people.
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    I assume this means we'll see Apple_Authorized_Outlet become the newest eBay member?

    If you want FREE recycling now, I'll pay shipping to me for most of your computer related items!
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    i wouldn't mind like 5% off the purchase of a new computer or something, just some very small incentive.....
    do u think the apple genius can fix my old LC, it doesn't work.... just sitting their..
  13. hob
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    Great. Where's Apple UK's recycling program?? :mad:
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    Yet another reason to like apple.

    I am curious as to whether this is 'America - Only' though? Have i missed a paragraph answering this?
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    So now Apple's refurb section just got bigger? All profit, baby.
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    A new macs for old policy would be better ;)

    You could vote neegative for the lack of an international policy. Us poor forgotten brits:(
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    Depends on how old the computer is. Even schools and nonprofits often have minimum requrements for computers they'll take. I have checked this out in reference to my 450mhz Dell; while I'll save the hard drive, I've yet to find anyone who would take it, even for free. When I eventually upgrade to an iMac for my desk, this recycling program would be excellent for me.
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    all you get is free shipping on your purchase? You might as well just give your old comp away.
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    I could only see using this if the computer was no longer functional, but I just toss that stuff in the recycling can. Let the recycling center sort it out I say, since I get charged to recycle anyway.

    However if it is still functional I will sell it if worth over $300. If it is worth less I will offer it to a friend with an older machine, assuming they don't want the computer I will bring it to the Salvation Army.

    Remember when giving to the salvation army or any charity include all cords and only 100% functional equipment, they don't have computer cabling and techs lying around you know. If you have any extra VGA, USB or power cords bring them with you they need them since most people do not include them.
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    I was thinking along the same lines - I think eBay is probably a more attractive "recycling" program, and more environmental, too, because it lets someone else get some extended use out of an existing thing, rather than them having to go get a new thing and thus consume some more resources.

    However, this is still a positive move by Apple, and I hope people who would not be using eBay to "recycle" their old hardware, or who would be unable to sell the hardware due to damage or age, will take advantage of the program to make sure their Apple products get disposed of properly.
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    actually, i believe the 'free shipping' is for sending the old computer to Apple. You already get free shipping for your new Mac from the Apple on-line store.
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    This is literally a recycling program. They're offering to provide a free option for the environmental disposal of old computers, for people who would otherwise throw them away. It's not a profit source for customers--this is something that costs Apple money and Apple's refurb store isn't going to swell with the old and broken computers that come back to them.

    This isn't a buyback or a trade-up program--no monetary incentives are called for. If the computer still works and isn't cripplingly outdated, by all means give it away to a worthwhile cause or sell it. If it's landfill-bound, then this is the perfect green solution.
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    Apple making money? I don't think they will be able to give away my LC II. Still runs - But no CD rom drive: Just Floppies. I love them Apples, but the LC II was perhaps my worst purchasing decision - ever.
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    What are the values / costs for Apple in an old computer

    Assuming that they receive mostly 4 to 10 year old computers, what are the components that they can salvage or reuse or extract value? What are the components that are costly to properly dispose?
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    hmm..in alberta they already charge a recycling levy on new computers/tvs/monitors and they have specific places to take old equipment.

    Although maybe this is just a US thing.

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