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Apple Mail auto delete imap email

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by al404, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Hi i'm pretty sure that when i set up my account before 10.8 i had an option in mail to set default time before mail should delete me email from server (inbox)
    but can't find any more
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    When using IMAP, Apple Mail has options on if/when to delete sent messages and messages in the trash. Other message deletion is managed manually which is how it should be.

    With POP, you can tell Apple Mail how long to leave messages on the server. But POP manages email in an entirely different manner than IMAP.

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    in previous version was possible to delete from server after X days even for IMAP
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    That make no sense. IMAP uses the server to store mail. Why would you ever have the server automatically delete mail from the server unless it was "Sent" mail or mail in the "Trash"? There is no setting for the "Inbox" or for any user-created mailboxes.

    Again, only POP has this option. I have been using IMAP via Apple Mail since Leopard and the option you think was there has not been in that time frame.

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    Anyway to delete mail from server from Mac mail with iMap?

    Understand iMap manages emails differently from POP. But I really like the feature of being able to delete mails on server from my Mac mail app, correct behavior or not. I guess there's no option to use pop setup with OS X 10.8?


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