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Apple Now 'More Flexible', 'Less Arrogant' Reports France Telecom CEO

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Speaking at an event with reporters, France Telecom-Orange CEO Stephane Richard said that Apple was "more flexible", "paying more attention to everyone else" and "a little less arrogant" than they had been in the past, reports AllThingsD.

    Richard went on to talk about the some other issues affecting the telecom industry, including the "very difficult" time Windows Phone will have competing with entrenched operating systems like iOS and Android, particularly because the platform doesn't yet have a "'wow' effect".

    Article Link: Apple Now 'More Flexible', 'Less Arrogant' Reports France Telecom CEO
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    The end is nigh?
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    Feed Me

    I love French whine and cheese.
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    I never thought I'd see "less arrogant" as a negative.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Less arrogant?

    I see no sign of this change in iOS or OS X.
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    And he knows something about becoming a little less arrogant, seeing all his customers flee to Free mobile. Orange is as despicable and evil as AT&T, I hope they choke on a ham sandwich and die.
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    I guess we can deduce that he was a member of Jobs' Bozo list.
  8. iphone495, Feb 25, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2013

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    "Less Arrogant"? Now Steve would never let that happen.

    This joke never gets old.
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    The French have won more wars than most countries have including the USA.

    But go on make fun of the French.
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    I only had to read the first paragraph for this :(
    Apple isn't supposed to hop on the bandwagon. They're supposed to start it.
    And.... Orange. Wonder where they got that idea from :rolleyes:
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    How true. I didn't actually know Orange were a French company. I thought the only colour France did was white. ;)
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    So many CEOs are happy that they now have to meet with Tim instead of Steve. Steve probably made them feel like fools no matter what their status. Of course it was that arrogance that turned Apple around.

    Is anyone supposed to be impressed that a country like France which is much more mature than a country like the U.S. has won more wars? Especially when they existed in an era where war was quite common?
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    "Less Arrogant"

    Is that the same as "less cutting edge" and "in the fast race toward mediocrity"?
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    more flexible and less arrogant? just how I like my girlfriend.
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    Maybe it will rub off on France.
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    What kind of flexibility do you mean? ;)
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    Four oF NINE

    I don't know about Steve Jobs, but he's on mine.
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    Hmm, tell that to the Logic Pro users trying to make a living with no response whatsoever about the major lag issues on Mountain Lion.

    I've never known such an arrogant company to be honest. At least Microsoft keep their nasty bugs in the open for all to discuss.

    Apple just pretend everything is 'fine'.
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    They are also a far older country, so one would think that after being around TEN TIMES as long as the United States, France would learn to get along with others more.
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    That's a ****** remark to make. What a jerk.
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    i just hope not being flexible & arrogance doesn't pay off in the end.

    i'm all positive for Apple's upcoming products...they are already brilliant. hard to screw things up so bad that everything falls into pieces.

    i'm just very curious to see their next "wow"!

    what an unnecessary comment.
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    Well orange are experts on arrogance so they would know
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    Four oF NINE

    France gets along fine with most nations, including the USSR; more so than the United States ever did.
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    Napoleon was Corsican. :p
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    And I'm sure, knowing that, he is now sitting in a warm bath opening his wrists.;):rolleyes:

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