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Apple On Track to Ship Intel Macs by June 2006

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Sep 20, 2005.

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    At Apple Expo in Paris, Steve Jobs reaffirmed that Apple would be ready to ship Intel-based Macs by June of 2006.

    Apple first announced their plan to move to Intel-based processors in June 2005. At that time, Jobs stated that the transition would take place in less than two years and be complete by the end of 2007. The first Intel Macs were expected to arrive by June of 2006.

    Based on Jobs' comments today, this targeted timeframe remains true.
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    I don't care........I want my PPC Dual core G5......Steve....now
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    No new Macs so far in Paris...


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    i guess this means no PB's at MacWorld SF?
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    and...and...and...and, is that it, oh man. I am going back to bed.
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    No more announcements? WTF!!! :mad: :mad:
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    I feel sorry for everyone who wait up until 5am for this, but I'm happy to hear the intel transition is on schedule. I think the intel mini will be the perfect machine for 20's guys like me, who love apple, but are dying to play Death Rally, etc. Load up XP? Nah man, I'm loading up Win98se.
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    any idea what was behind the "mythical" black tarp???
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    Wow bad assed...that's not very far off, guys. 2006 should be a pretty exciting year.
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    *curls back under covers, pissed off*
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    Did you throw up in your mouth?
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    So where are the PowerBooks? Where are the PowerMacs? No updates? :mad:
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    Press Release

    Check out the market share numbers.

    PARIS, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs said on Tuesday that the company was on track to ship Intel-based computers as targetted by June 2006.

    "We are on track to do that," Jobs told a news conference in Paris, referring to the plan announced in June this year.

    He said Apple has a 4.5 percent share of the personal computer market in the United States and a 3 percent share globally.
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    Hopefully this will beat some sense into the "Intel Macs in January" people.

    But what was under the black cover? Or is it still there, waiting for people in America to wake up and crawl groggily to their computers (apart from the people who stayed up until 5am hoping for a release)?
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    i like that. hopefully should get my 12" or 15" intel PowerBook for my 3rd year in university :) even better if its Rev B
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    mad jew

    The original Intel iBook is mine. I've been thinking of getting a current one to replace my 800MHz G4 machine, but I can wait until late 2006. I'm guessing that if the minis are the first to go, the iBooks won't be far behind. :)
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    That's what I'm waiting to hear. Who cares if it isn't anything new anymore, but what was behind the black cloth?
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    Anti-RIAA ninjas?
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    This is great news for the future, but what about today? I was really hoping to see some new computer stuff.

    Maybe it won't be out for a few weeks.
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    Thats what he always said

    Hi guys

    And thats what he always said ! I never believed anybody saying that it would arrive in January! For a simple reason: he told the developers to get their software shippable by June 06. I mean if they intended to ship earlier then it would be necessary to tell the developers! Because you need the software to ship a computer system - right?

    What about those black covers? Are they gone by now or still there?

    New products could still come later today at 3 pm (european time - 9 am SF) like always.

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    "We're on schedule..."

    Heard that one before.

    So, that's it. The MWParis announcement was this. This was behind the black curtains :confused: :(
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    Um, 3pm Europe time is 6am Cupertino time not 9am. Yes, it is 9am east coast time but Apple releases are on a west coast time frame. That makes it 6pm Europe time which I think is a bit late.
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    The .Mac update was behind the black cloth. Yes, I was expecting more too, but I think a delay on some products (coughMPcough) made the keynote too empty and be canceled. Then a special event was set up to unveil all products that WERE ready (iPod nano, iTunes 5).
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    Or... Maybe the black curtain IS the new Apple product ? :eek:

    - they were selling computers since the beginning of the eighties;
    - they tried to launch PDA's (read: Newton) - marketing fiasco - ;
    - later released this little gizmo (the iPod) and its variations, and now the iPod is a major item in the sales;
    - they're trying their teeth on the phone market;
    - maybe they plan to do the same with... curtains ?

    Paris is an ideal launching place (what with fashion etc).

    Now... Apple iCurtains, what could they be... Embroidered with silver Apple logos ? Pluggable on iTunes ? Wifi ? :p

    Next steps: Apple iShoes, Apple iHamburgers (aka Appleburgers), Apple iCars...
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    How do you know?

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